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  1. Alex, I hope you like the exaust! I am currently running Interco's tera flex 110/100-18 and swear by it. I have yet to loose traction on any terrain where you would expect to have it, and some where I would'nt have expected it. Best of all I got the tire through Les Schwab and it only cost me 38.00 for the tire + 12.00 to mount. All said and done I think it came to 63.00 including a new HD tube and tax. You might have to call a couple of centers to find a tech that is willing to order it, took me three tries. Here is a link to their site --Dan
  2. Okay, I'll try the impact gun. Hate to go buy one though since I've never had a use for one till now. Thanks all for the help. --Dan
  3. I appreciate that, however that will not do any good since the rotation is not making it through the gearbox. I know this is possible, I'll post a pic in a few minutes. Alright, the green arrow shows rotation when trying to remove the nut. The red shows the outer basket slippage (not rotating). The gearbox is engaged when the outer clutch basket is rotating
  4. Alright guys, I feel dooped. I don't have access to an impact gun so did the following: 1. tried using two sockets to hold the flywheel while breaking loose the clutch center bolt, no go. 2. put the motor in 5th gear while chocking the counter sprocket (chain removed) no go. What keeps happening is the clutch center basket is rotating because there is no tention on the clutch plates. Any ideas? Thanks guys for the help!!
  5. Hey guys, I need to replace the cam chain on a '99 XR250 and need to know if anyone can give me pointers on how to do this without buying Motion Pro's clutch basket holding tool. Is there any way to safely hold the basket in position to remove the center holding nut without damaging the engine internals? I tried to make a holding tool out of aluminum, but failed. The torque on the nut is 80ft lbs. Thanks TTers!!
  6. Hey Alex400, I have an XR's Only round SS disk style SA muffler on my XR400. I can vouch for it making a noticeable improvement over stock using the recommended jetting w/free mods. As far as it being too loud, I can only tell you so much, really it must be compared side by side to some other exausts as I cannot notice a huge difference between the other guys pipe and mine at the trails. It really depends on the # of disks you choose to run. I personally have found 8 to be the magic number for my riding. Would also like to add I am selling mine on CL for alot less than I paid just because I need the money for other upgrades.If interested for information. Dan
  7. A friend of mine got his from XR's Only for 38.00 I think. Looks real nice. His bike is an '87 XR250R
  8. I agree hunting is more enjoyable when the forest stays quiet and the work and excercise make it more satisfying when bringing home the kill, however I don't see the harm in using an ORV to get close to the hunting grounds provided it's utilizing a spark arrestor AND silencer. Not any different than driving a truck to the same destination. Now if a person is driving around LOOKING for game (ORV or truck) to shoot, that IS and should remain ILLEGAL!! I believe it is an unethical way to hunt and so does every other ETHICAL hunter out there. IMO. YEA, what dirtbeater said. Reporting someone is the most effective way to deter others from going down the wrong path. It's a pretty nasty consequence to pay for a completely avoidable sitiuation. One word: RESPECT!! Sure as hell hope not.
  9. JSV, very nice touch putting a bead on the skid plate trailing edge!~! Some REALLY nice stuff you guys have homemade.!~!~!~!~!
  10. I've searched the net, and here with no avail. Does anyone have one or seen one before? Looks like a nice guard but cannot seem to find where the smaller one would mount. On the caliper? Where? If you've seen one how much do they go for? -Dan
  11. Ride, sounds like you guys should've brought some heat packs. I will be riding at Walker this sat. and will be sure to bring some. FINALLY got a decent pair of riding boots, so a little more confident about heading out in this stuff. Dirtbikesonny; I'd recommend Walker right now as most of the trails I rode last weekend were pretty tame, i.e. no snow. Maybe different now though. DUH!!
  12. "the boy" LOL never would've conisdered it, but in truth probably the most eligible!! Check my profile for a pic of my boy after his first bike ride:ride:
  13. Think this is a good thread, awsome to see what others are able to come up with using a little creativity and elbow grease! Keep 'em coming!!
  14. Good deal! Glad to see you got it running relatively easy. Good to see the an older xr brought back to life! Decent slideshow, need some better pics to show us all the rest of the succesful project. GOOD JOB!!
  15. Great! that's what I was hoping to hear. Thanks Jeff.