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  1. I have a 88 xt600. This is about as reliable as a dual sport can get. I have mine all stock. Desert riding and single trails are good for her and the highway is fine. I can't complain! edwin Los angeles
  2. Los Angeles, California. Close to Hollywood. I would consider myself with average riding skills (street or dirt). I love trail and desert riding. I have a xt600 88'. Just went out to Rowher last week for a couple hours to get the bike back in shape. Let me know!In my 30's
  3. A speedy recovery is in order for you my friend. Even though we have never met, I can only tell you that I ride dirt and street. We respect and expect respect, but there are always these types of people that push your buttons. They have pushed your buttons and have hurt you my friend. They deserve the full extent that the law will have to drop on them, they attempted to kill you and that is all there is to say. If the law doesn't prevail then karma will ,and it comes in all shapes and forms!!! Let this be known to all you who want to attempt harm on innocent life. No one gets away with shit like this, no one!!!
  4. I believe that your camera is a Cmos cam. You need a sony chipped cam to have the right quality that everyone can appreciate. I think that you tried the tony hawk version since it did'nt cost too much. More learning experience for you right? The trail was good from what I could make out. YOu noticed that the sound did not match the video timing and the cam could not catch the light changes, this is how the cmos differs from the sony chipped cams. The sony chipped is worth the money. Here is one example: http://www.ipiphotonet.com/domains/350/files/2425.wmv
  5. I'll be at Rowher flats main staging area by 11am tomorrow. I'll be riding all day til 7pm.
  6. I am going to Rowher Flats before 12noon tomorrow. I will be in the main staging area or Boquet staging area. I will know by 8 pm tonight. I will be riding my yz250 98 and switch off with a xt600 88 later.
  7. I would also like to know how to do this?
  8. What time and for how long? I was thinking early like Oldman last week. I did not make it due to some unexpected visitors but I went Yesterday to the Boquet staging area and went up for around 3 hours or so. It was awesome and would love to go again. I need to go early though.
  9. I have everything ready to go . Then, I have unexpected visitors. I dont believe this. I am trying me best to get the morning to go ride now but it does not look good. My wife is now bent on blocking this ride since the visitors are from my side of the family, I cant even bribe her to baby sit them till I get back. I have been really looking forward to ride all week dang it!! Oldman, might not make so I hope there is another one. I still want to meet all of you guys. Have a safe ride and enjoy.
  10. Did I mention that I love TT. I get my daily kicks of laughter here sometimes. Cant we all juuuuust get along!
  11. While you guys are all waisting time here fighting over a piece of grass,we have more important things like fighting all these greenies trying to pull the rug from under us. Channel the energy people!!
  12. If anything, riding keeps us doing a hobby. Keeps us out of trouble. Teaches our younger one's the value of life and such. If a lot more people rode then we would not have all these fuch ups everywhere. This is worth fighting for, what should we do then? Lets get this ball on the road man!!
  13. Yeah, I saw that Blazer 2 weeks ago. It was close to the second staging area. I hope no one got hurt. Everyone was stopping to look at it. The day was really nice today I bet, temp should have been just right.I'm looking forward to ride on Sunday thanks.
  14. You can get it at any sporting goods store, Big5, Sport Chalet, etc.