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  1. here http://motorcycledaily.com/25september07_2009kawasaki_klx250s.htm
  2. here http://motorcycledaily.com/25september07_2009kawasaki_klx250s.htm http://motorcycledaily.com/25september07_2008kawasaki_klx140.htm
  3. If you want a stronger transmission get a Jialing 4 up motor. I have an 88cc Jialing 4 up in my other 70 and we abuse it and have never had a problem. The Lifan 125 is faster but not by much. I understand that both the Lifan and Jialing motors are considered inferior. But with the time/price needed to rebuild a motor I switched to abusing chinese crate motors. I don't race my pitbikes, only play around with my buddies. So any info I provide is NOT from a racer. It's just something to consider in your descision. If you race take your advise from someone who races. If either of my chinese motors blow up tomorrow I would be happy with the use I have already gotten from them.
  4. Put it in the 70. Add XR80 fork legs and a BBR top clamp. Get an 11" rear shock. That Honda 70 seat is so comfortable and you have a registered bike with the 70. Don't give up on the Chinese pit bike, just buy a complete bike. Both options are fun.
  5. Put it in the 70. Add xr80 fork legs with BBR top clamp and a rear shock of your choice. That big seat on the 70 sure is comfortable. Isn't it?
  6. I put an eBay Lifan 125cc 4speed clutch motor in my CRF70. It cost $330 delivered. Included everything, 24mm carb, electronics, etc. It is pretty fast. I just set my stock motor aside for a while. This motor started on the 2nd kick after installation. It runs perfectly. Sure it will not last as long as a well built stocker. I don't care. Right now it's the fastest engine in my neighborhood. It only took 2 hours to install. When it breaks I'll take the 24mm Mikuni off it and throw the rest in the dumpster. It is a lot of fun for the money.
  7. Does the Athena big bore make the valves last longer? It seems the added torque would help the valve train life be much better. I was just wondering if anyone has this big bore kit installed on their bike? I have a big bore in my XR250r and it has so much more low end power then it did stock.
  8. Could this be Hondas plan for 2008 X's in the US? Isn't the resto fo the US going to be under stricter emiision controls like Cali? Anyone know?
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't replace your 250x for an EFI bike. I'm sure it's a good ride. It's just good to know we all have somethng to look forward to down the road. Probably the most interesting part is the 290cc engine. I wonder if the cylinder and piston are bolt on for a US 250X???
  10. Check this out http://www.rickramsey.net/HM.htm and http://www.hmmoto.it/ita/scheda.asp?idFam=1&idProd=45
  11. Check this out http://www.rickramsey.net/HM.htm and http://www.hmmoto.it/ita/scheda.asp?idFam=1&idProd=45
  12. I've done it to my 150. It works great. I then went ahead and put 21/18 inch xr wheels on it because we ride in alot of rocks and ruts. You may need a longer brake arm but that is cheap. I got my swingarm on eBay for under $50. No when your at speed in the rough stuff the bike stays very straight. When you look at the 150 and 230 together it shows that Honda really designed the bike to have full size wheels and then shrank it to make the 150.
  13. You are right. The CRF150r is the best motorcycle ever made period. And I am an idiot. Thanks for setting me straight Chill.
  14. Sorry. CRF150r's are the best.........................Everything else is inferior.
  15. Agreed. Two strokes all the way. KX100