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  1. jrt7

    Golden Spike

    Its June 4th at Packwood.
  2. jrt7

    Problem w/2010 TXC 510

    If you get it right you will be smiling.
  3. jrt7

    Problem w/2010 TXC 510

    Take it back to the dealer and have them clean the carb. and set float level.and install J.D.jet kit should be a instant starter and run great after that. Or you can do it your self.Pretty simple job.
  4. jrt7

    09 TXC 450 vs 09 TE 450

    The TXC has the older TE 70 watt stator it will run lights and a fan.
  5. jrt7

    Visual differences between SMR450 & 510?

    450 cyl has10mm step at bottom base 510 has 15mm step
  6. jrt7

    Top compression ring R or RN?

    The shinny one goes on top with letter up some are different thickness J.R
  7. jrt7

    3.4 or 3.9?

    Fly red check out the Clark 3.5gal tank its narrower than the Ims andchoke@hotstart are very accessible also very good air flow through raidators J.R
  8. jrt7


    Your going up
  9. jrt7

    Looking for a bike

    Call taskys used 06 TE250 425 252 2295