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  1. ColMan289

    2008 or 2009 YZ450?

    I ride an '07 yz450, and i couldnt be any happier with it. But i'm lookin to get a new bike and have been debating the same thing. With all the fuel injected bikes coming out it seems like Yamaha's a little behind. But a couple things i went over that really swing me towards the '09 yam are: -Fuel injections new, they still have kinks to work out. -Yamaha's stuck with what they know and have perfected the 450. -A carbureted bike puts out more horsepower than fuel injected. -Yamaha has a better contingency program for 2009. -I have been raised blue, and my riding style jives with the bike. -Those new black rims look dead sexy. ...and stewarts on yamaha...ha! another championship's coming! ...but anyways It really depends on the rider. if you liked the '08 yz450, the '09 guarantees you the same performance if not better with the certain improvements they've made and Im gonna stick with what i kno. '09 Yamaha 450=Perfection
  2. hey, I have a 2007 YZ450. No engine mods, with a Dr.D exhaust system. Im looking for anything to make my bike run smoother but i keep getting so many different opinions about parts that may or may not work that i've almost given up. I thought about High compression pistons, but cant afford to run race gas 24/7. I've looked into flywheels, carb mods like the Boyeson Powering, and some other options but for every plus, somebody has somethin bad to say about it that pretty much kills it for me. Does any one have any suggestions for smoother more consistent power?