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  1. Suzuki

    Having just sold my 250x, I'm now in the market for a z400 or 400ex. Where did you get your cat? I'm in Indiana - I've been planning to get a used one, but at that price
  2. Except that as a percentage of total towing capicity, it puts you close to being "on the edge". Depending on how often you plan to tow, and the elevation changes where you tow, I would consider a smaller trailer - or a bigger truck.
  3. Its not just the speed at which you are able to tow - its how the truck tows the weight at any given speed. A 250 / 350 or 2500 / 3500 have more than just bigger motors and lower gears - they have tires designed to handle the increased load, the chassis/suspension/brakes are 'heavy-duty' etc. When I traded my f150 (big motor, tow pack etc) for my 2500hd, it was night and day difference - again not just talking about going up the hills, I'm talking about stability and safety. You can't put a price on that. IMHO
  4. Dry weight does not include things like water, grey tank, black tank, propane, batterys, misc. cargo (bikes/quads/gear/etc) My guess is that you are real close to 6,000 lbs.
  5. You need a bigger truck - I ran into the same problem after buying my TH - I ended up with a 2500hd Duramax - I didn't want to have to worry about being able to tow anything!!
  6. Sounds like a sweet ride - I'm jealous!
  7. I had a set on my 99 KTM 200 MXC - excellent wear characteristics, and I have had a set on my son's KX60 with a full season of hard riding - and no noticable wear Unless I win the lotto, I'm sticking with Primary Drive!! (okay Primary Drive, where's my check??)
  8. How 'bout no mods (except jetting of course) and keep the resale value up?
  9. Honda

    Okay - I think I can swing keeping my X and getting a used 400ex - I have searched this forum and it seems that most of the information is on the newer 450s, etc. What is your opinions on price / value for a used 400... ??? I, of course, would like a 05 / 06, but I think that would be out of my budget. ($2500 - $3000) Anything particular to look out for? Does the frame snap like on the z400s? Thanks for your help TD
  10. I have used Primary Drive's stuff for awhile now and have been VERY pleased with the results. The chain and sprockets are high quality pieces -- I will probably always go with them for replacements (not as much of the *bling* factor as the other brands - but hey who looking anyway)
  11. Yamaha

  12. Honda

    How does the 300 compare to the 400? I want something that'll be stone reliable and easy to maintain (another thing that worries me about the X) but it also needs to be fun (no kidding, right?) and I would like to race a few hare scrambles and the GNCC when it rolls into town (old slow guy class of course)
  13. Honda

    I sold the XR400 right after I moved to Indiana (tired of kick starting it -- told you I was getting old)
  14. Honda

    I'm hoping that there is a world of difference!
  15. Honda

    The Rancher I own is a 4X2,, and your right, its been fun - and a better workout on my track than the crf.