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  1. Somebodies got to introduce that guy to the KLX 650!
  2. kota45

    Renthal Bar for XR400

    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I think I'm going to have to make the drive to one of the BIG shops in SoCal that has a lot of bars in stock (i.e. Chapparal) so that I can look again. I was there about a week ago and had not done my homework, so I was perplexed by the vast choices. Based upon what has been said here and what I've read elsewhere, I think I'm going to be looking at the CR High and the RC. Now I just need to decide if I want to get Acerbis hand guards at the same time or not. I've never had hand guards in my 20+ years of riding and fear that I won't like that perceived added bulk to my handlebars.
  3. kota45

    Renthal Bar for XR400

    Want to get a Renthal 7/8" bar to replace the stock bar on my 99 XR400. I want to "open up" my riding position a bit, or in other words, I want the bars to be a little bit less swept back. I find that for my arms to be comfortable I have to sit too far back on the seat. Is the Renthal bar for an XR400 the same measurements as stock? I'm fine with the stock height since I'm just 5'6".
  4. kota45

    Dumb XR400 Question on milage

    My experience has been 35 mpg dual sporting on medium speed fireroads and some single track. I ordered a 3.8 gallon Clarke tank a few days ago as I've heard people say that you don't really notice too much of a difference and I like the reassurance of having around 50 miles more of gas if I get severly lost!
  5. kota45

    Flat Tire Gear Advice?

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm thinking that I'm going to continue to carry a bottle of slime, the extra tube, and whenever I need to repace any tubes I'm going to pay the extra for some heavy duty tubes. I'm also planning to go down to the local hardware store and buying some extra large plastic ties. I've read about people using them as a last effort to keep the tires from slipping around the wheel while they ride a flat back to their truck.
  6. Yes, this does help. I'm looking closer at the adjustment on my boots right now. I thought it was adjusted all the way out and would not adjust out to give room to shin guards, but upon closer inspection I see that I can adjust them if shin guards take up a little room.
  7. I'm kinda embarassed to ask this! I've never worn knee pads and am considering getting some. Most, if not all, that I've glanced at at the shops seem to have shin guards too. My question: how does this fit when I already have boots that come almost all the way to my knee? Are they supposed to fit under the boot?
  8. I'm starting to go on longer rides that put me in the middle of nowhere, and although I've never had a flat, I know the time will come. I've got a few questions on dealing with a flat on my XR 400 in the middle of BFE. First off, I carry all the usual: front tube, patch kit, green slime, a couple of tire changing wrenches, and a small bike tube pump. My questions: 1. Is the "Slime" more suited to putting in BEFORE you get a flat in order to prevent it from occurring in the first place? Or is it more suited to add to a flat when it occurs? 2. Are those Co2 kits superior to the simple pump in some way OTHER than the Co2 things simply being faster?
  9. I've never heard about staging gas truck - just goes to show that I've got some research to do before doing such a momentous ride. I'm assuming I'll get around 130 miles on a 3.8 tank.
  10. Quick question about Barstow to Vegas: I just ordered a Clarke 3.8 tank for my 99 XR400. Is this big enough for this trip? I'm not planning on doing it this year as I need to do a few more rides and get into better shape to be prepared - but perhaps next year.
  11. kota45

    "XR" sticker fit a Clarke 3.8 gal. tank?

    Looks good. I'll definately order one. It looks so plain without it!
  12. I just ordered a 3.8 gallon tank from Clarke and am wondering if I should order an "XR" sticker to go on it (the same you would put on the stock tank). Does anybody know if it will fit the Clarke tank and look good/correct?
  13. Thanks, disregard my question on the other thread!
  14. Is the taillight on your Husaberg a LED taillight from Baja Designs? Is it bright, even during the day?
  15. kota45

    Suspension shops in Orange County area

    Nick and Mike at Provalvemx in Costa Mesa: the clean shop alone instills a lot of confidence - they know what their doing too!!! Lowered my XR400 2 inches so my short a@@ (5'6") could touch the ground. I think their website is www.provalvemx.com