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  1. You can buy new plug wire by the foot at a lawn mower shop.
  2. aaront

    1999 rm250 weak spark

    What kind of meter are you using? Digital or analog with needle? I got funky numbers when checking my CDI with the cheap digital meter I had. My older analog meter gave readings inline with the manual. I'm sorting through a weak spark issue myself, but mine is looking like its the coil. Low secondary resistance. First thing would be to go through and clean all connections. Then pull flywheel and clean stator and pickup coil.
  3. aaront

    '90 RM250 ignition

    How strong is the spark on this model suppose to be. I looks weak to me and I think that's where my starting issues are. The CDI, coil, and stator all check out fine. All connections have been cleaned multiple times including where the coil bolts to the frame. I have to really get the engine turning over fast to get it to spark. If you pull the spark plug out to watch for spark, it won't even attempt unless its a moderately fast speed. The pickup coil does have a crack in it, but it still runs. Just looking for other ideas before buying a stator assembly.
  4. The only open ramp on Granbury is the one at the dam.
  5. Here are a few by my house on Lake Granbury. Cracks in the ground.
  6. The sprockets will interchange. I just listed the RM years with the same setup.
  7. 97-98 or 04-08 RM 250 use the same 13/50 gearing and 114 link chain. This is how ordered a package deal for my '90 rm 250 that came stock 13/49.
  8. aaront

    Suzuki RMX250

    The adjuster doesn't come out. Only the bleed screw.
  9. aaront

    Suzuki RMX250

    I got my set on ebay for $25. I needed a fork cap also. OEM price was $137 so I bought a set of forks also for $50. Now I have extra parts.
  10. aaront

    2006 kdx 300?

    And a 450 in '82.
  11. 1990 RM250 dirty, old, and abused. cleaned up some
  12. aaront

    Show me some old RM's!

    '90 RM250
  13. aaront

    E-bay parts any good?

    I only deal with sellers with a good rating and feedback.