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  1. Kind of depends on my mood and where Im riding. I do like to just let off and click up when Im having fun but I have to use it often to keep from stalling when Im riding in the tight nasty stuff behind my house. My neighbor has been riding dirbikes longer than Ive even been alive and hes ridden that way for ever, he never uses the clutch except for starting off. I think the way the gears mesh is why bikes are able to do it without damage.
  2. Junior426

    need good rear tire

    +3 for S12
  3. Junior426

    Omg I Got A Steal

    Congrats, glad to see people get a good deal on the things they want.
  4. Junior426

    what you hate most about riding

    I hate not having all the necesarry skills to be good at riding. I dont like not being able to go as fast as I would like on simple trails because I would crash. Overall Im not a very good rider, I have confidence issues and lack many vital skills. I just wish I could go faster on the easy stuff, I understand that the hard stuff may be slow going and I have to take my time getting through it but why cant I got faster on simple little rock trails or dirt trails with lots of whoops.
  5. Junior426

    What was your first bike?

    2001 yzf426 Quite possibly the best bike of all time? IMHO
  6. Junior426

    Does your dealer 'get it'?

    McMillans Marine in Otario, NY is so/so, they have a bit of a problem with customer service and attitudes, but all in all theyre pretty good to deal with.
  7. Junior426

    tune up

    I think he means like a valve adjustment, filter replacement, maybe a carb rebuild, as in the things to get the bike to run better. In answer to your question I dont think it matters that much, but if your noticing a loss in performance, a "tune-up" may be in order, what it includes I dont know exactly.
  8. Junior426

    FMF Ti Q vs Q2 ?

    I run the Q2 on my bike and I would reccommend it to anybody. If your looking to save weight go with the Ti Q or if you just want bling, but I dont think the difference in weight justifies the price difference. Just my .02, hope this helps.
  9. I would say you can probably wash it right after riding but I would reccomend letting it cool some first, like a half hour or so, it just takes some of the stress off of the hot parts by avoiding the rapid heating and cooling. You should be able to wash near the carb and engine just fine without a worry, but if your washing with a power washer use a lot of caution on the radiator, carb, and plastics. Hope this helps.
  10. Junior426

    Whats on your xmas list?

    Hmmm, gift cards to best buy, and thats pretty much it.
  11. Junior426

    Test Riding???

    Not sure if all dealers do it, but many of the dealers I've heard of do. I;m sure if you ask and make it seem as though if you'll likely buy the bike a dealer will let you. If a small test ride means another sale, they're usually all over it. Even ask if they can make up a contract that reads "I will take responsibility for all damages incurred in the event of an accident, blah blah blah." And remember, common courtesy goes along way. Hope this helps, good luck.
  12. Another 100% for the good 'ol natural woods riding, like it should be. Naw mx is cool and all but some people werent built to fly on top of things just in giant tin cans.
  13. Personally, I like my Camelbak. I have the M.U.L.E. with a 100 oz. bladder. It has plenty of room for everything I need ususally. My list of items is as follows: -1/4 Rachet -10mm Socket -#3 Phillips Head -4+ Spark Plugs -Leatherman -Bike Reg. papers -Granola Bar -Cell Phone -Wallet with I.D. I think thats most of it, I still need more though