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    Desert 100 comment

  2. thefirecrackerkid

    desert 100 start debacle

    That is exactly why I start right after the entrance shoot. As far away from the pit side as I can get:thumbsup:
  3. thefirecrackerkid

    desert 100 start debacle

    The huge start is classic desert racing. I have been the last 5 years and I don't remember a perfect start. I don't know if I ever will. On the other hand I am fat old and slow, not necessarily in that order, so I don't care I really appreciate the dual wave though. I have an idea that might make the start a little better. Keep the 100 milers in the first wave but line up the real fast ones to the far left. give a 30 space about every 200 feet. The intermediate riders go in the center, and then the ones just out for a great ride and a finish to brag about on the far right. Do the same for the second wave. If you are racing for a $500 holeshot you shouldn't have to make a decision to go or not depending on what someone else does. To get everyone to start at the same time place a bundle of helium balloons in each gap with a string controlled by a monitor with a radio. When the cannon goes off the monitor also releases the balloons. Riders will now have an audible and visual key so in theory a more accurate start. Oh, one more important point, place a plastic tent stake and run the string under the hook so the monitor is not standing in front of the bikes. I don't believe it really matters that much though. The most difficult part of the race as far as other riders goes for the fast guys is trying to get around my fat butt on their second lap while I am still on my first.
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    Thank you to all of your club is not enough, but is written with sincerity.
  5. thefirecrackerkid

    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    LOL I thought you were 67, man I am thinking wow this guy is one tough sob! Now I realize you were born in 67 and you are my youngest brothers age. I will be 50 this summer, I am feeling better all the time! Truly I wish I would have seen you I would have sloshed you a quart. I had what seemed like a 40 gallon tank, but I think it is a 4 gallon clarke under the blue spray paint. I gave my brother 48oz and still finished with over 1/4 tank left. Of course you don't use as much fuel at 1400 rpm .
  6. thefirecrackerkid

    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    Helmet_Hair, I thought I saw your bike at the signup area. Then I saw it parked on the side of the trail. I looked for the rider but didn't see anyone so kept going...very very slowly. Sometimes I feel a little guilty for going so slow, but then I remember I am just another obstacle for the fast guys to deal with. Besides if the slow ones like me didn't ride Sunday the stumpies would have a whole bunch less money Ooohhh my tailbone hurts so baaaaaad...........
  7. thefirecrackerkid

    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    We made it!!! 50 miles on two relics which should be resting quietly in a garage somewhere. Oh wait that’s where they were before an idiot (me) bought them. Bike # 1, 1982 IT465 that I bought last year as a parts bike for my YZ465. (YZ is a roach so I haven’t gotten around to it yet.) Got the IT out of the storage unit last week to see what I needed to do to get it rideable. Not much if you are very loose with the term rideable. I got a new airfilter and had the crank seals replaced. Good to go! Bike # 2, 1978 390 OR. I purchased this bike from the second owner about 4 weeks ago. It had been sitting in a barn for over 20 years. The owner took the carb for his snowmobile and the shocks for his sprayer. The newest ORV sticker we could find was 1981. I called my brother Jim and said "If you can fix it you can ride it in the vintage class on April 11th. I will buy the parts but I don't want to spend more than necessary." He called a week later and said "I need a throttle cable, clutch cable and air filter." I asked what about tires-chain- brakes... etc. He says they look fine although I may need a rear tube. I am thinking sure... two new tires and tubes, after all the Trelleborgs looked like they might have been the original ones. Fast forward to Saturday April 10th. He is still working on the Husky. We took the rear tire to get changed but the bead was rotted. So with a new Maxxis on the back we started trying to adjust the brakes. Well it was a struggle but she fired up with a tow that evening. Finally at 8am we had brakes, sort of. Race at 9:30 am. Gorilla tape for a gas cap gasket. 79 filter shoehorned into the housing. IT465 carb with homemade collar. Shocks from a 1980 DR400. What about the front tire you ask? 1978 Trelleborg with 20 psi. Crazy...stupid. ..Absolutely! Oh well normal for us. We had a mission and we were at least going to make it to the smoke bomb! At 9:30 am we are on the starting line. Husky is kick starting by this time WooHoo! It took all day with a crash by me, Jim running out of gas, and quite a few rest stops...after all we are not kids anymore. To the amazement of everyone including us we finished the toughest 50 miles we have ever ridden! Both bikes puked the fork seals, in my case even before the race. The IT shock had zero compression damping, the Husky shocks had no damping either way. I told him he was putting them on upside down but what do I know, I am just the one who took them off the Suzuki in the first place. Everyone cheered for us but I don't think they knew we got beat by the kids on the CRF 50's. We were just happy to make it! Now it is back to work and try to heal up, I doubt my chiropractor will be very happy with me. What's new
  8. thefirecrackerkid

    400xcw- clutch issues- please help!

    I've had similar troubles on 06 525. When you say it has been bled do you mean back bled? You need to add the fluid from the bottom not the top. Also a little trick is you need to hold the lever all the way out to get the master cylinder to let fluid flow up from the bleeder connected to a syringe. At least I had to do that. I tried getting a syringe from the vet, but finally ended up buying a magura clutch bleeder kit. Had to bleed it 5 or 6 times, but finally got it. Good Luck!
  9. thefirecrackerkid

    Juniper dunes and ramp

  10. thefirecrackerkid

    hard start after riding Help!!!

    Just my $0.02. My brother replaced his stator with a "Rickey Stator" unit. Cured most of the problem for him.
  11. thefirecrackerkid

    Juniper Dunes Problems

    Could someone post a map with the approved access roads highlighted? I was there once, and while we were pretty sure we went the right way "Peterson rd" it would be a good reference for all of us.
  12. thefirecrackerkid

    Some Dez 100 experiences

    True the mass start signifies desert racing. My team mate was stuck at the river crossing. It took 2 hours to go 5 miles. Thats racing though. Thens the leaders came around and bypassed the jam at the creek. That too is racing. Here is my complaint. I didn't get to ride because the officials closed the track. The rule is "30 minutes after the first rider finishes they close the track" Well if the leaders obeyed the rules and stayed on the course I would have gotten to take my lap. Oh well that too is racing. Next year I will ride the vintage class, problem solved. Oh yeah, you might see me with a sandwich, beer and camera.
  13. thefirecrackerkid

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Geary in Grand Coulee XR6
  14. thefirecrackerkid


    Hi Ron, There are companies making tanks for your bike. One of the best places to look new is right here at the Thumpertalk store. For a used tank eBay is probably your best bet. Good luck and welcome from another noob to the boards. As for the throttle here are the first things I would check: 1. Be sure the cables are free to move and not pinched. 2. Lube as needed - If this doesn't work the cables may need replaced. 3. Check the throttle tube for dirt and binding. The ends get beat up sometimes in a fall. If you still have trouble you will need to thoroughly clean the carb. A good idea anyway especially if the bike has been sitting for awhile. Good Luck.
  15. thefirecrackerkid

    I admit it.....I once owned a.......

    First bike, a Yamaha 60 mini enduro. Traded up to a SL100 with an ATC 90 ignition and a Jardine exhaust. My dad's best friend was a honda mechanic. Man that thing would go. #3 was a 1975 cr125. That was the best bike I ever had or will have. Now I have an xr600 and am lusting after my brothers 525exc. Where did the last 37 years go?