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  1. Darrell41653

    Service manuals for 2005 - 2006

    I am looking for a service manual for the 2005 RM Z450. I have found one for the 2006. Just wondering of they are interchangeable?
  2. Darrell41653

    Milky oil.

    I take it to my local shop for the valve check. Do it every fall, they have never been out of spec. Timing chain has been adjusted twice, but still stock. I would love to be able to adjust then valves myself, but I dont know how...
  3. Darrell41653

    Milky oil.

    This is going to be my new method from now on. Thanks again.
  4. Darrell41653

    Milky oil.

    Thanks for all the replies. Two days ago I let the bike idle to warm up, popped the oil filter cover just to see what the oil looked like. It was milky looking. I replaced the filter cover, then took it out for a spirited run for about ten minutes. Came back and drained the oil. It looked like oil is supposed to. no milkiness. I placed the drained oil into a half gallon glass jar, let it stand and as of 48 hours later there isnt a trace of water, just oil. I was a little skeptical about condensation causing this. I really believed I had a water pump or head gasket leak. Turns out you guys were right. Just a little condensation caused by idling the bike in colder weather is what caused my perceived problem. It really doesnt take much to cause the oil to look milky. Thankful I dont have a bigger problem. And thanks for helping a newb out.
  5. Darrell41653

    Milky oil.

    I thought you needed to let these bikes get up to operating temp before riding them. My thinking was that since I can't ride every week, then I would just start and let it warm up to get some gas passing through the carb and allow the oil to circulate. Is this not a good thing? In the absence of riding what should I do to make sure the bike is protected? Should I not start and let it idle weekly?
  6. Darrell41653

    Milky oil.

    No sea foam in the oil. I keep it in the fuel to keep the carb from gumming up.
  7. Darrell41653

    Milky oil.

    2005 RMZ 450, bone stock. The bike only has about 50 hours on it. I don't have time to ride much as I work away from home a lot. Oil and filter changed after every ride, about 4 to 5 hours. Bought the bike used in 2006, it had been ridden one time. Every time I change oil it has a milky look to it. I have kept watch on the coolant and over the last year I have been watching it has not lost any coolant. Changed oil and filter twice in the last year. Bike is kept in an unheated garage. Started once a week to circulate the fuel and oil. I keep seafoam in the fuel. My question is. If it was a head gasket wouldn't the coolant level be going down? The coolant would be lowering too if it were a water pump seal? Since the coolant is not going down. What else could cause this? Do you think it could be condensation from the bike not being ridden often and being started once weekly? When started weekly it runs until the radiator and head feel very hot to the touch, maybe 3 to 4 minutes then shut off. Not ridden just started and let idle until hot. Would this cause condensation? I'm not a mechanic, but I have read a lot about this problem. What do you think?
  8. Darrell41653

    kick start lever slipped

    Not sure which forum to post in...Feel free to move it if it is in the wrong place... 2005 Suzuki RM Z450, bone stock. I have noticed that ever so often, when kicking the lever to start the bike, the lever seems to slip. It doesn't do this every time, maybe one time out of every twenty or thirty kicks. It feels as if it slips a cog or something, it will then catch, and I can continue to kick with no problems. I try to always get the lever to the top of the stroke before kicking. I don't stomp on the lever, just kick it. Usually takes about two kick to start when warm, three to five when cold. I have the bike serviced regularly, valves are in spec, and have never been out. I change the oil and clean the air filter very regularly. Air filter is cleaned every three hours, oil and filter as well. I have the valves and timing chain checked at the shop, but I do about everything else. This slipping issue hasn't caused any problems, and the bike still starts and runs like a top. Just wondering if this is normal. Thanks in advance.
  9. I just bought a new fixer upper. Another 2005 Suzuki RM Z450. The bike is in really good shape, all factory everything, just needs some basics. Anyway, I got the bike for a steal as the previous owner said he thought the valves needed adjusting because it was hard to start when cold. I get it home and check the valves, everything is within spec, timing chain was a little loose, but not bad,new plug, drain and flush the tank then refill with 93 octane pump gas. Check the air filter.. it is way oiled up, I mean if you touched it oil would gob up your fingers. My procedure for the air filter is as follows...I usually start with kerosene to break the oil, then wash with dawn, blot dry with a paper towel and let air dry for at least 24 hours before oiling. I oil it so that every part, inside and out is covered, then lightly blot with a paper towel to remove excess oil. The bike was very hard to start, 10 plus kicks. If I remove the air filter it would fire right up. Replace it and the same thing, hard to start. So...Is it possible the air filter was over oiled and choking off the air supply? Am I doing it right? What is the proper procedure? Thanks in advance.
  10. Darrell41653

    Who uses Rotella oil

    I use it in everything I own, bikes (dirt and street), lawn mower, car, truck, equipment...Works great. No problems whatsoever, pus its cheap.
  11. Darrell41653

    Best wife ever!

    Now that is a wife!
  12. Darrell41653

    cleaning motorcycle plastics

    Soap. Water. Tire foam.
  13. Darrell41653

    power band for sale

    LOL my ass off.. I sent him a message offering to buy the "power ban". I am noy buying without pics though.
  14. Darrell41653

    Plasti-Dipped Wheels

    Looks good. Keep us posted on how it lasts.
  15. Darrell41653

    Oil Filter Change Interval

    Yep...What mister X said. Change it every time. I like the stainless steel filters, wash and reuse them.