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  1. woodmanhugh

    Husky Lowering Link?

    I had the same question, and ended up talking to a mechanic who specialized in lowering bikes. I saw pics of a te250 he lowered by changing the stops on the internals of the forks, and changing the head space on the rear spring, No lowering link , which a lot of folks think ruins the geometry of the bike. Totally reverseable down the road too. Worth looking into. I am a novice, myself, and couldn't picture what he was telling me over the phone, but he has a lot of happy customers. Only bummer , this dude is in texas.
  2. woodmanhugh

    2006 husky te250

    is there a dealer up in your neck of the woods, (or desert as it may be)?
  3. woodmanhugh

    2006 husky te250

    ok lets put it this way I like the idea of a street legal dirt bike, but don't want to jump into something that won't serve my purpose. I live in northern cal, and it getting harder and harder to register a dirt bike for the road. I like a light bike for off road, but also like to cruise fire trails and back roads, and be able to zip through to town when necesary. Like I said i've had heavy dual porpose bikes that are not good off road.form what ive heard so far, the te250 is an awesome off road bike , but minimal on road?
  4. woodmanhugh

    2006 husky te250

    I was riding a yamaha xt 350, got rid of that, Not a very good dirt bike. Picked up a 05 crf 230. , has been fun, but looking for a dualsport.
  5. woodmanhugh

    2006 husky te250

    thanks fior the heads up on the husky dealer I'll have to give them a try. are the mechanics up to speed?
  6. woodmanhugh

    2006 husky te250

    I'm Looking To Buy A 2006 Husky Te250. Whats The Skinny On These Bikes? Kind Of A Tall Bike For My Vertically Challenged Self, But Found A Guy Who Lowers Bikes,(custom Fit). Are They Reliable? I Don't Want A Bike That Requires A Lot Of Mantainance.how Are They On The Street?