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  1. jzdirtrider

    Most heavy duty mx pant known to man

    The magazines have all raved about O'neil motocross gear for years as being the best quality and longest lasting gear on the market. I have had all the brands over the last 51 years of Moto and trail riding and I agree. I have their Hardware line of gear and love it, but I don't wear it in the hot summer as it has heavier and thicker materials.
  2. jzdirtrider

    Forma Terrain TX for a first boot?

    I have several off road bikes among them a 2017 300xcw and a 2013 wr450. I absolutely love my wr450 because it is one of the best handling woods bikes I have ever owned with its yz250f aluminum frame. My wr is stone reliable, bulletproof and effortless to ride in single track due in part to its well balanced feel and the added recluse clutch. I usually don't keep a bike for five years but my wr450 is still my favorite bike to ride but I am a larger rider. (Garne boots are worth looking into as well as any boot made in Italy) IMO.
  3. jzdirtrider

    Tire problem

    Yamaha Tire Mounting spray is the best product ever invented for mounting tires. I make sure I keep stocked up on it because when I lend it to my friends it never comes back. Dynamite product.
  4. jzdirtrider

    How in the hell do you get the grip off.....

    They volcanize their grips on, so does Kawasaki.
  5. jzdirtrider

    RC's Schedule

    He is doing selected events on East Coast mostly. High point, Millville MN, and MXD at Buds Creek will be his last. All Hail the G.O.A.T. --I heard a cool rumor a while back, actually I read it in a Mag that the AMA is thinking about permanently retiring the number 4 in honor of the greatest rider that has ever lived. That has never been done before but there has never been a rider this successful before. Wow.
  6. jzdirtrider

    125 vs 250f

    The new 2007 KTM 125 has more horsepower than any other 125 two stroke and more than any 250 four stroke....per Motocross Action Mag
  7. jzdirtrider

    YZ 150F, any info / rumors?

    Motocross Action is the Moto-Bible. Yamaha has been the one on the cutting edge of this new four stroke technology since the 1997 yzf 400m. They have beat Honda at their own game. Honda's market research told them there was no market for a cutting edge, race worthy, state of the art, four stroke. Yamaha invested millions on a gamble. The entire motocross world couldn't wait to find fault with it. They hoped it would be unreliable and a joke. It turned out it was bullet-proof and a hit offering new technology borrowed from road racing. Motocross Action has said for the last five years that Yamaha has had a yz150f on the shelf awaiting the nod for production but production would be a million dollar decision when casting and forging engine cases and parts. Yamaha never pulled the trigger because they knew the stupid AMA would ban it because it has no class to race in. Motocross Action says the big 5 have sat back waiting for Honda to go first because they are the largest manufacturer and if they made a 150 first then the AMA could not ignore them and would be forced to make room for the new machine. Yamaha deserves a ton of credit for this gamble in new dirtbike technology but one engineer at Yamaha deserves all the credit for the yz400f, yz426f, yz250f, and supposedly the yz150f. He developed the the 400 and 250 on his own time. Japan didn't want to produce the bike. American Yamaha begged Yamaha of Japan to build the bike because they said that it would sell in America. It is a cinderella story. Read Motocross Action.......The Moto-Bible.
  8. jzdirtrider

    Binghamton national?

    The Binghamton National is going to move to Texas I understand. Word has it that California is the number one dirt bike sales market and therefore deserve their two Nationals. Texas is the number two dirt bikes sales market and they don't have a National. Arizona is the number three dirt bike market without a National. Florida is the number four Dirt bike market also without a National. Word is they are upset so many Nationals are grouped in the northeast. Well I live 50 minutes from Budd's Creek and my favorite track for the last 30 years is Mount Morris' Highpoint National. I don't think Budd's is very fan friendly but they claim the riders love it as one of their favorites. Rumor has it that Pennsylvania is going to lose one of it's Nationals next with it likely going to Florida area. I hope they spread out the Supercross races next. See you at Mount Morris, my favorite place on earth, but I'll see how you like Budd's Creek at the Motocross des Nations. Don't miss the Goat this year at the MDN. I went to Unadilla MDN in 1986 and it is MAGIC and unforgetable.