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  1. Hi all. I'm try to get together a register of all of the '84 KX500's left in the world. If you have one, in any condition, or know someone that has, I would really appreciate it if you could send me a pm or email with the details like engine/frame number, your name and location and even a photo if you're keen. Many thanks in advance for any information or leads. Cheers Tony Tervoert Tanunda South Australia
  2. I've had a few frames powder coated and I find it a real pain if you're going to ride the bike. When it chips, it's far harder to repair and have looking good than plain old paint. If it's for show, do it, but for a ride bike, I wouldn't.
  3. Timing chain adjustment on these is automatic, however these bikes do tend to rattle at idle because of the auto decomp set up and particularly just when you stop the engine. Apparently, it's no real big problem, it just doesn't sound good. I have heard of one where the weight actually broke though so I would get it sorted if I were you.
  4. I'm looking for a NOS fuel tank for an '84 KX500. Must be willing to ship to Australia. Any other NOS parts considered. Many thanks for any leads.
  5. A good friend is in desperate need of a rear hub to suit his 2000 410TE at a good price. Preferably in Australia but may consider US if shipping is not too expensive. Call me on 0410 504 815. Thanks Tony
  6. I was afraid of that, but thanks for the replies anyway. Perhaps it something to do with Acerbis supplying OEM plastics?
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a source of replacement plastics for a 98 610 TE? No aftermarket website seem to list stuff for Huskys. I'd like black if possible and I'm in Australia but would be interested in any source. Thanks Tony
  8. Yeah, just found some info on this forum re. Acerbis tank for the XT550, so I thought I'd join. I'm planning a trip through the centre/ across the Simpson in August, so I'll meet you in Alice then................................ Sorry to hijack the post with chit-chat. Jacksmack, go to the ozvmx forum like Brent suggested and send a message to a guy called Evo550, I'm sure he'd be happy to tell what he has done to his XT.
  9. So you hang out here too eh Brent................. My 550 was to remain stock, but plans for a big trip on it means I'll also be upgrading suspension. IT swingarm seems to be the go but finding a shock to handle carrying 40 litres of fuel and spares seems to be an issue. Check this out though................. YZ465 forks, XJ650 front brake, and twin leading shoe REAR brake I'd love to build a replica of one of these, but as always, budget may stop me...........
  10. Good luck Mike! I'll be watching with great interest. I've done a little bit of endurance stuff here in Australia for Husqvarna and got sensational support. Keep us posted!
  11. Thanks a lot for that MagMan! It proves that Acerbis did make one that fits the 550. Now to find one......................... I've been searching for about 6 months and the only thing that came close was the Tenere tank, which is on but looks a bit silly being 30 litre capacity and the weight is up way too high so it handles badly full of fuel. I was thinking of getting one made but now I know an Acerbis one exists, I'll keep searching.............. Thanks again, now I'm off riding
  12. Hey MagMan I'm also interested in a big tank for my 550. There doesn't seem to be anything available so I got a Tenere tank and modified it to fit but it's really ugly and probably a bit too big. love to hear what you've got or even a couple of pics? Cheers Tony