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  1. P.O.S!! i also agree with jet-x
  2. na get a good bike check out www.outlawpowersports.com
  3. yea i noticed that.
  4. i have a wolf motorsports 110cc
  5. Outlaw
  6. does anyone know anything about proworks. i recently got sponsored by them and wanted to know more.
  7. sexy indeed!
  8. it like a ssr 110 with 10in wheels and an mx style swing arm
  9. anyone?
  10. depends on what you want to do. a crf50 will take tons of abuse. or you can get an ssr
  11. what shock do you guys recomend for mx style swing arms?
  12. their arent bad but for $50 more you can get an ssr. i mean i have a knockoff just like the kc 110c and i like it and i bought it fot $550.
  13. but are they easy to break?
  14. i wanted to hear what people had to say because i think their knockoff and i already had a problem with my knockoff wheels