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  1. wolf2006

    is this bike good?

    P.O.S!! i also agree with jet-x
  2. wolf2006

    1st pit

    na get a good bike check out www.outlawpowersports.com
  3. wolf2006

    inverted vs. standard forks

  4. wolf2006

    pro works

    yea i noticed that.
  5. i have a wolf motorsports 110cc
  6. wolf2006

    What 125 Chinese Pit Bike?

  7. wolf2006

    pro works

    does anyone know anything about proworks. i recently got sponsored by them and wanted to know more.
  8. wolf2006

    This could just change everything!!

    sexy indeed!
  9. wolf2006


    it like a ssr 110 with 10in wheels and an mx style swing arm
  10. wolf2006


  11. wolf2006

    A good bike for about a grand?

    depends on what you want to do. a crf50 will take tons of abuse. or you can get an ssr
  12. wolf2006


    what shock do you guys recomend for mx style swing arms?
  13. wolf2006

    Pep Boys KC Powersports Pit Bikes

    their arent bad but for $50 more you can get an ssr. i mean i have a knockoff just like the kc 110c and i like it and i bought it fot $550.
  14. wolf2006

    worth it

    but are they easy to break?
  15. wolf2006

    worth it

    i wanted to hear what people had to say because i think their knockoff and i already had a problem with my knockoff wheels