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  1. nomidget

    Easterly Salton Sea

    Heat keeps the riff-raff to a minimum! You are probobly right but I was hoping for one for one last cooling trend before summer. It looks like we'll be heading towards Bishop anyway.
  2. nomidget

    Easterly Salton Sea

    Any good info on camping and riding off Box Canyon Rd between Coachella canal and I-10? It's been a quite a few years since I've been and I seem to remember some nice riding, but don't recall exactly what routes we were on.
  3. nomidget

    Riding / hiking trip suggestions?

    Is "wilderness" camping allowed anywhere in the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine? Tuttle Creek campground is pretty sparse for the non riders in our group.
  4. nomidget

    Riding / hiking trip suggestions?

    Where could we camp in the Big Pine area that we could ride from? Sage Flat is kinda too far up the mountain isn't it?
  5. A group of us from work want to head out for some camping. Some of us have bikes, some don't. Any suggestions for some type of area within four hours of Orange County that the non-riders wouldn't be bored stiff at? (Already working the "why don't you guys go buy a bike" angle).
  6. nomidget

    Starting Gates

    Go before the gate drops and it shoots out your tire.
  7. Hilarious! Wish my bike sounded that good.
  8. nomidget

    What Is The Fuel Gauge For?

    Phuzz deserves gas just for his avatar...
  9. nomidget

    Good Places to Ride???

    Copy the coordinates and paste them into the Google Earth search box. Then you fly right to it.
  10. nomidget

    bubbles on tank decals

    Same thing happened to my '06 650r and I haven't spilled gas on it, (yet). Poking tiny holes didn't work, like the adhesive just gave up in spots, so I just pulled 'em off the tank. I never considered the aerodynamic advantages, and think about all that extra weight I've eliminated.