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  1. Frenchy.....your post just felt real good. I've looked at 25 bikes and I'm thinking a super clean 05 is probably worth about $2800. What do you guys think?
  2. What kind of deal did you get on the bike to buy it in Los Angeles and ship all the way across the country? I'm looking for a 450x also. Just wondering. Is there an auction or something in LA?
  3. Hi guys. I'm considering an 09 CRF 450X for $4500 and an 05 CRF450X for $3500. Both are in excellent condition. I'm looking to do some trail rides through Mexico and hit some trails in Southern California. Weekend warrior type stuff. I'm not a racer and I don't hammer my bikes. Just wondering if it's worth the extra dough to buy the 09 or save some money for a gas tank and some other goodies. Are there any significant differences besides the steering stabilizer? Thanks for your honest opinions.
  4. Thanks for the Replys. This is just the info I needed.
  5. How many miles can you go on a stock 2002 xr400 tank of gas under normal riding conditions?
  6. Looking to buy a WR 450 in Southern California. What is the bottom line OTD price I should expect to pay for an 08? Does anybody know of any 07 inventory still out there. With the slow economy, I know there will be plenty of 08 inventory left over next year. Should I wait til then?
  7. Buddy of mine smashed and twisted his up. Anybody upgrade to aftermarket and have an extra laying around?
  8. What are my options? Live with it? I can wear just about every mx pant i got to church they are so holey.
  9. Dan, You're a stud! thanks for doing that. Looks like it took awhile.
  10. sending my sheet to ron too as soon as it snows.
  11. Got a pair sitting around that haven't been used much. $55 shipped.
  12. he needs the torque tables in the back of the clymer manual and so do i. THanks.
  13. Pulled the bolt out of my buddy's transmission to drain the fluid. The bolt was totally stripped into the case. What's the verdict? Do you think if we got a new bolt and turned it in, it would straighten out the threads? How hard is something like this to repair and what does the repair entail?
  14. Got a site with a good price? TT store maybe?
  15. what about these DNA wheels?