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  1. I haven't done it myself, but I've heard they can be bears to get off. My thinking is just yank on it.
  2. I just purchased mine and and I'm commuting 41 miles one way at 75-80 MPH, and loving it. It's a little chilley at 6am, but I ordered a heated jacket liner, so we will see how that works.
  3. I can only imagine!
  4. You are right, guess i'm 66.666% lucky.
  5. You're right Eddie, but now there are more options for people who feel comfortable doing this mod to a carb. It is similar to when people thought that I was wasting money on my Ebay FCR's. I did end up buying 3 and only 2 worked, but they still run well on my dad's bike and my own. Plus I got 3 for less than the price of 1
  6. Congrats on doing the impossible. I love human ingenuity!
  7. I went riding with these guys the other day. They run full speed on sugar sand and have no issues with the conti's. I on the other had was doing it for the first time so I was nervous and going too slow.
  8. I'm no longer in NC, now I live in Florida.
  9. Easygoin, Have you looked at the zena locks. They have a 110 Decible alarm if they are moved. If you keep it outside this might be a viable option. Keep the Glock ready too. I have my H&K P2000 with 147grain Federal HST waiting for me at all times. Right now its on my hip. On a side note about the recent election. I was lucky enough to pick up an AR15 and a reloading kit. I should be good to go for a while.
  10. No, in Texas you have permission to shoot anyone on your property that doesn't have permission to be there. At least that's what my Conceal Carry Instructor told us.
  11. When you are screwing on the nylocks, just press down with the ratchet/wrench you are using and the other will tighten up.
  12. Are you supposed to put a rear tire up front? I dont see any other 3.5/17 tires except for a rear.
  13. I am active duty military and i am in the desert (Kuwait, Bahrain, Norther Arabian Gulf) and have been since 7th of December last year. I don't see how being in the military qualifies anyone to say they have enough or dont have enough land. I could see if developers were trying to take it to build houses but honestly why would the military take it if the did not need it for something.
  14. There is the TM. I ordered it a couple of days ago but it has yet to arrive. I have heard nothing but good things about them
  15. I love ebay. I got 3 FCR's for about 100 each.