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  1. freshout1616

    wheelie help

    Also, going uphill will be easier. You won't have to lift the front end as high to find the balance point and it is also harder to loop out.
  2. freshout1616

    were to start?

    Yeah. Start in the beginner class. It will be faster then you think.
  3. freshout1616

    Is This normal?

    in your avatar your elbows are too far down too. They need to be much higher.
  4. freshout1616

    what do you think of my kx250f 2008.( now have new pics go look)

    lookin pretty sharp man. It'll look good when it done. I just wish mine still looked like that. My bike is sooooo thrashed from all the riding and racing.
  5. freshout1616

    Is This normal?

    That is because he is going really fast and if he didn't the bike would do an air wheelie off every jump. What you are doing is perfect. Just get your elbows up. The reason your front is dropping is because you are letting off the throttle at the very top of the lip. Keep it on hard all the way then near the top let off a little, but not completely. I will try to post some footage this from this weekend at washougal.
  6. freshout1616

    Rear end stepping out in the air

    dude true statement. I work with Jay Whipple as my trainer. If I am not in perfect position he makes me stop and jumping and get into the right position. He HAMMERS the attack position into me. And it must work good because he trained Josh Hill and Ryan Villopoto while they were riding amateurs.
  7. freshout1616

    Is This normal?

    You look goonish because your elbows are so far down. Your elbows need to be WAYYYYYY up.You aren't too far back, because your head is over the gas tank/bars. Just get those elbows up.
  8. freshout1616

    Rear end stepping out in the air

    You learn it by feel. Keep a steady throttle, be in the attack position, squeeze super hard and you will absolutely fine.
  9. freshout1616

    08 kx 250f power not what it should be

    Sounds like you are playing head games with yourself and your jetting is way off. I had my bike jetted for cold weather and when I went to SoCal to ride it in hot weather it was like that. Could be too rich or too lean
  10. freshout1616

    Zip Ty Mod

    Sending it off will get you the complete best performance, but you can get it pretty damn good by yourself. I do all my own carb work and my bike doesn't bog and usually runs the best at the track.
  11. freshout1616

    were to start?

    MX is CRAZY dangerous, that would probably be why your dad isnt crazy about you racing. It depends on how serious you are and what kind of class you want to race. Don't race the C class unless you can win a beginner race. Junior riders can be crazy fast, ESPECIALLY in CA. Now if you want to race and go somewhere with it, get all the right gear. A good helmet like a shoei, Leatt Brace, Knee braces, good boots with torsion control and a good quality chest protector. I work out to keep in shape for riding, but also to keep muscle around my bones for protection in crashes. Now technique is super important. I can't emphasize this enough. You don't want speed right away. You want technique, with form speed will come. So if you can, get a trainer or do some classes. Also, make friends with faster kids on the track that have good form and they can teach you. I can't emphasize this stuff enough. Yeah, racing beginner is where to start, but you can get seriously hurt still racing beginner. I broke my humerus and my femur while racing beginner classes. So DON'T skip out on gear. I know this is a lot to take in, but take my advice seriously. I have learned the hardway, and now I wear every piece of protective gear I can get my hands on and train with a trainer weekly. It has made me faster and more importantly, SAFER! PM with any questions, I am glad to help.
  12. freshout1616

    Rear end stepping out in the air

    Dude you just need to be in the attack position. Head forward, elbows up, butt back and up, knees bent, and squeezing the bike. This should help you a lot. Just squeeze that bike and go with the flow.
  13. freshout1616

    Shit happens

    From what I saw he wasnt in the attack position going up the face of the jump and he let off the throttle too early. As far as your jumping, you are WAYYY too stiff. You need to be in the attack position. Which is elbows sky high, face over the bars, butt out, and squeezing the bike with you legs.
  14. Well at least I won't be going 50-80. I race mx.
  15. I know, I deserve a Darwin award. So I pounded it back in and kept pounding until the edges were smashed and it looked like the other pins. So is it safe? Thanks guys!