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  1. Okay, so my original post of valves being out of spec has really opened up a can of worms. Here's the deal...my dealer was super quick to rectify the problem and was very apologetic I might add. I'm not saying that the job shouldn't have been done correctly in the first place, but it was taken care of in a satisfactory manner. I rode my bike today and it kicked ass, just as it did before .
  2. I called my dealer the next day and talked with my salesman. He told me to bring it back in and he'd get the valve problem fixed ASAP and was very apologetic. I should have the bike back today with reshimmed valves. We'll see...So far it looks as if my dealer is taking care of the issue. Thanks to all who have posted.
  3. Just got my bike back today from the dealer after getting the intake valve recall done. I decided to check the valve clearance before starting up the bike. The exhausts are spot on @ .0077 in. (.195 mm)--to be expected since they weren't part of the recall and the bike has probably 5 hours on it total. Then I get to the intakes: left is .0045 in., center is .0028 in. and the right is .0058 in. The left is in the middle of spec and the right is on the loose end of spec, but the center is too tight . While picking up the bike I asked the counter guy if I could talk with the mechanic to find out what the valve clearances were. I overheard the mechanic tell the counter guy "just tell him (me) that they are within spec." The mechanic didn't even have the courtesy to talk with me one on one...he will tomorrow when I show him and his supervisor my out of spec valve job. There...I'm done venting. I know this has happened to others on the forum as well, but it should not ever happen!!!
  4. 12295

    Moving to Colorado

    I would definately check out the Rampart Range area. The best mountain single track anywhere!!! It's located South of the Denver area, probably a good 3 hours from the Ft., but well worth the trip. Lots of camping areas as well. Check it out...Craig
  5. Got a brand new stock 06' 250F pipe for sale. Let me know if you are interested...Craig
  6. 12295

    looking for stock yz pipe

    Got a brand new 06' stock pipe for sale. Just put an FMF TI powercore on my new 06' 250F. Let me know if you want it. Craig
  7. Well, I went back to the dealer where I bought my new bike and they cut me a good deal on the FMF Powercore 4...$250. So I bought it. Haven't had the time to install it yet, but will post the results. Thanks to all for the advice. Craig
  8. Thanks for the quick response guys. The dealer tried to sell me a $300 slip on. I'll try to make my own...Thanks...Craig
  9. Hey new to the message board and just getting back into riding. Just bought a new 2006 50th anniversary YZ250F and am looking for a spark arrestor so I can ride in the wilderness. Any suggestions on which ones perform the best for the money? Thanks in advance...Craig