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  1. yamatuner

    So, I grenaded my motor today...

    New mains for sure, if the skirt is gone it did tear up the cages, you wont know it until you tear it down (i have done this before) if one ball comes out you can throw that motor in the dumpster.
  2. yamatuner

    06 YZF frame, 02 Motor.

    It will not work so dont waste your money and time, the cases changed in 06' to fit the oil tank the sump on the 02' is diff. the oil tank will not fit an 02' motor, the only option would be to get a Dr.D wetsump kit.
  3. yamatuner

    Water Cooled Chinese 110 Engine!!

    Im a newb but once i saw this, i flipped out. ive been dreaming of a watercooled Xr50 (style) engine for a long time. as i understand the water cooled engine was designed for a super pocketbike. but the dirt bike the motor in the picture is in looks tight. http://bosuer.com/_big.php?pid=267
  4. yamatuner

    The good old Knock off vs Honda debate!

    jeez i didn't think that people cared this much about knockoffs vs. hondas, i figured if it looks like a Honda (cradle frame, worst design ever by the way) then it must be as good as a Honda. See if you think about it, you could buy a Honda trans, (you dint even need cases) then practicly you can buy the aftermarket parts for the rest of the bike. BBR and RedBaron together make just enough tricked parts to build a bad ass bike from scratch. And i don't see what all the hype is about the pitsterpro- the swing arm looks like the designer couldn't find a ruler, its all bent for travel when the shock cant compress to touch the engine anyway. Jeez thats my two cents for ya
  5. This thread shows me how little you guys know about four strokes, 9 HP from a pipe , your money is much better spent on things such as good (light) valve train not stainless junk, better cooling system, cams and cam timing, reducing internal friction, reducing internal mass, and just plain tuning 90% of dirt bikes are badly tuned, i can promise you will gain way more power from proper tuning than a 800$ pipe, these engines are not like a two stroke a four stroke makes its power well before the pipe is added into the equation they do not have the preassure waves a two stroke has hense the expansion chamber, all a four stroke exhaust is good for is to get rid of waste nothing more, look at a f1 cars exhaust straight header and very short no tricks and they are the definition of race engines, dont waste money on fancy looking pieces of tubing with stickers on them