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  1. I don't have that option, however, if I rode it at night for any length of time it seems I would not be able to re-start the bike.
  2. Sorry, TTR-230, 2006. I thought Baja Designs stated that the TTR-230 was equipped with the correct components to run the headlight and taillight.
  3. Installed a Baja Designs headlight and tail light. Went for a ride with light on the battery was being drained as I rode. Should'nt the engine be charging the battery as I ride? Even with light on?
  4. My new TTR-230 every now in then misses, like a dead spot, not in the throttle so much, sometimes when I let up on the gas and let the engine slow me down. Like it is going to stall but it doesn't. Should I have the dealer look at it? Only about 10 hours on it. Spark plug was light gray, but the thread was black for about .250" up from the electrode.
  5. Thanks, can you get brake lights and required hardware as well?
  6. Where can I find after market lights for my TTR-230?
  7. Did you purchase lights that are made for the TTR-230 or did you fabricate your own? Did you register it for the road?
  8. Hello, I'm new to this forum, can you add lights to the TTR-230 to use in enduros? It has e-start so it has a battery. Can it even be registered? Thanks. P.S. live in Maine. Skip