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    Seized motor-month old

    It's fairly easy. 1) Drain your oil and coolant. 2) Remove the water pump cover, impeller bolt, the impeller, the impeller shaft circlip and slide out the impeller shaft. 3) Remove the right side engine cover. You do not need to take the clutch cover off. 4) The seals you need to replace are right behind the bearings you see when you removed the impeller and shaft. You do not need to remove the bearings. 5) Very carefully pop out the seals. Do not scratch the surface. 6) Put new seals in the same way they came out. The small seal goes back in first (open side of seal toward the bearing) and tap it in till it seats against the bearing. The larger seal goes on the outside of the case (open side of seal toward the outside of the case) and tap it in till it's flush with the case. I used sockets as a seal press and very lightly tap them in place. Be sure to apply a little high temp grease on the seals. 7) You don't really need to replace the side case gasket with a new one because it's metal but do replace the water pump gasket with a new one or it will leak. Good luck and let us know how it goes...
  2. kawa798

    Seized motor-month old

    I had this same problem with the coolant leaking through the drainage outlet passage at the bottom of the right engine cover. If the oil seals are damaged, the coolant leaks through the seal and drains out through the passage. You will need to replace the oil seals. (I was actually calling them the water impeller seals but the book calls then oil seals) It's easy. You have to remove the side case to get to them. You DO NOT have to remove the bearings to get to the inner seal. DO replace both seals in there. I have 20 + hours on mine and that's the only problem I have had. The only mod's I've done is put in a Twin Air Power Flow kit. I had some popping when letting off the gas but fixed that with some simple air screw adjustments. I've checked valve clearance twice and was happy with the results. Excellent bike!
  3. kawa798

    bubblin fuel

    Mine spews gas through the vent tube while I ride. I can't make it stop. I've changed the one way valve thing and it still does it!? Havn't figured it out yet?