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  1. mx_sean

    bike chain

    i bought a new chain it has a master clip i am just trying to cut it down 2 the correct length thn clip it on
  2. mx_sean

    motox boots

    does anyone struggle with gear change when wearing mx boots ?? i find that i cant go up the gears 2 good. and when braking i push it 2 hard
  3. mx_sean


    what is the best way to do a good powerlslide on a pit bike
  4. mx_sean

    bike chain

    what is the best way to cut a chain
  5. mx_sean

    pit bike chain

    what type of chain would you need for a chinese replica bike ?
  6. mx_sean

    kx 65 suspension

    kx 65 suspension how do you stiffen up the front and rear suspension a kx 65 ??
  7. mx_sean

    kx 65 suspension

    how do you stiffen up the front and rear suspension a kx 65 ??
  8. mx_sean


    On my kx65 how do you make the front and rear suspension stiffer ?
  9. mx_sean

    stupid video

    http://org.ntnu.no/smck/biler/thumbs_video/Motorcross-hopp-tre-krasj.wmv http://www.lykos.net/video/jump%5b1%5d.mpeg
  10. mx_sean

    foot pegs

    i try that prob worth jus buyin a new set of pegs
  11. mx_sean

    foot pegs

    i think that what ny mixer says is right. anyway to fix that ??
  12. mx_sean

    foot pegs

    my footpegs have jammed or something. i have taken them off there is small spring with 2 ball bearings. i cant see anything wrong when i put it all back toghether same problem i have to really force them down. HELP
  13. mx_sean

    brake leaver

    i have to bikes a kx 65 and a chinese import thing and it is on the cheap bike. i just dont no which will fit but i think i have found one that fits.
  14. mx_sean

    brake leaver

    its just a little confusing ive only just started riding so a dont really no what im doin yet.
  15. mx_sean

    brake leaver

    yea my back brake