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  1. slinky11

    Trials rear tire

    Has anyone else notices a flat spot when the bike sits for any amount of time? I have aired the tire up to 25+ and the flat spot is still present in the tire after miles of riding. Love the tire yet how do I prevent / remove the flat spot?
  2. At one time Honda had an interactive map on thier site which was very well done showing riding locations and links to details on the area online. Does anyone know where I could find this? David:ride:
  3. Any suggestions on clean dual sport kits for a Honda 450X All the best, David:ride:
  4. slinky11

    Best Dual Sport Kit for a 450X

    Who makes the best dual sport lighting kit for an 2005 Honda 450X, any recommendations or pictures of clean finishes much apprieciated. All the best, David:ride:
  5. slinky11

    Any DMV issues in California for a street legal CRF450X?

    Do you guys have any ideas on existing links or information on plating a Honda 450x in California? David
  6. Do you know of any plans for replacement for the XR650R or 450X in a factory dual sport design coming in the future?
  7. slinky11

    LED's signals stay on solid - what is needed

    What is the rating on the resitor or the part number on the flasher. I would prefer the flasher yet need the indicators to still work?
  8. I replaced the rear turn signals on a 05 dr200, when turning on the turn signal they stay on solid, any ideas on what is needed.? David
  9. slinky11

    Suzuki DR200 bent triple clamps forks?

    I have a 05 DR200se which my wife uses and crashes on regularly. The righthand side of the bars appear to be set back. I have replaced the bars with new ones and this still is present. The upper triple clamp uses a thru bolt with a conical bushing to mount the bars clamps to the triple clamp. These where removed and inspected yet appear to be ok. When looking down at the bars the righthand triple clamp (bar mount) appears to be set back at a different angle than the left hand bar mount. Any ideas on what to inspect to find the bent component. When sighting the forks from the side the righthand and lefthand tubes do not appear parrallel however I measured them with a angle finder and they are? Any ideas please advise Thanks David
  10. The deadline for this is the September Thanks David
  11. If you are interested in keeping the current routes open and expanding on other in Orange county and also San Diego county for track and dual sport riding please submit your letter using the attached link. Below is information on the current program. If you are not sure what to write 4 suggestions are listed below. Form http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland/projects/ohv/route-des-comment-form2007.pdf Info http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland/projects/ohv/index.shtml#status The Trabuco Ranger District (aka Saddleback Mountain/Silverado Canyon/Santiago Peak) has the only dual-sport riding area in Orange County, and many of us ride there at least occassionally. It is mostly fire roads, but there are a large number of challenging & fun "user-made" routes that parallel these fire roads. These are the steep hills and okay single-track that parallel North Main Divide Road and the several fire roads that lead down to Corona and Silverado Canyon from North Main Divide. What is nice is that many of us can ride straight from our homes to these trails without needing to load our bikes onto a truck or trailer. I for one would love to see these trails become/remain open, because just sticking to the fire roads is pretty dull. The USFS officials indicated that they have had almost no input from off-road & dual-sport motorcyclists about the Trabuco District, so they have no support to keep these more challenging trails open. Further, they have considered expanding the Wildomar OHV area but again have had little written support from users. I ask all of you who live in Orange & Riverside Counties to fill out just page 2 of this brief Suggestion Form (skip page 1 unless you are also familiar with the San Diego districts' proposals). It should take less than 2 minutes, and then put it in an envelope to Anne Carey, whose address is at the bottom of page 2. I recommend that you make the following suggestions on the form: Open & maintain the existing, user-made single-track & double-track routes that parallel North Main Divide Rd, Maple Springs Road, and the various fire roads leading down to Corona from North Main Divide Rd. Expand OHV & Dual Sport opportunities in the Trabuco Ranger District Expand the Wildomar OHV area. Mention that you primarily ride street-legal, off-road oriented motorcycles. Be sure to mention the Trabuco Ranger District prominently, because all their focus seems to be on the other Districts in San Diego. Form http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland/projects/ohv/route-des-comment-form2007.pdf Info http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland/projects/ohv/index.shtml#status Thanks and all the best, David
  12. how did you hold down the factory bulb assembly underneath the lens Thanks David
  13. Has anyone replaced the rear fender on a 650r with a unit from UFO. I ordered one online only to find that the enduro lens that is included with the plastic does not have provisions / holes pre cut to accept the factory taillight assembly. The factory light is a loose mount yet is held to the fender via a oblong shaped rubber molding that pulls thru pre-cut odd shaped holes in the original Honda rear fender. Any ideas as I would like to keep the stock lighting assembly. All the best, David