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  1. deyosurf19

    Advice on which used KTM to buy...

    TP, Thank you very much for your advice. Very helpful!
  2. Hello, I am getting back into riding after a few years off. I used to have a 2006 Yamaha YZ 250 2 stroke that I used for all types of riding especially single track trail riding. I now want a four stroke that is versatile, I hated the top end speed of my old bike. There are two bikes I have my eye on for sale. First is a 2002 KTM 520 EXC for $2000 The second is a 2004 KTM MXC for $2200 The prices seem right on these bikes, and I know the EXC has a wiring harness for lights, but other than that I don't know much about KTM's only their reputation for being great desert and trail bikes. Are there any maintenance issues to keep my eye on with these? Any advice would be very helpful Thank You
  3. deyosurf19

    Top End Complete, Not Running Right

    Haven't ever checked the reeds, but I guess I will have to pull the carb out and go through it. Never really done that before, but I will clean it up and hopefully it fixes the problem. It's frustrating when you think everything will be fine and it creates more work. DAMN! Thanks Guys
  4. OK, Thank you for all your advice during my top end rebuild. Everything went together fine. The piston moves up and down in the sleve perfectly. When "breaking" it in today, there seems to be some problems. With the throttle partially open it seems to "miss" and stutter, and want to shut off. When taking off from a stop in first gear it wants to die. However with full throttle open it seems to run just fine. Could it possibly be a carbuetor issue? I had the thing upside down when I was working on the bike and I noticed some dark slime running down the slide. Any advice would really help out. Thanks:thumbsup:
  5. deyosurf19

    Couple of Top End Q's for the experts

    Thank You guys for all of your helpful insight. I bought the bike brand new and from day one after the break in I have been using Motorex. One idea comes to mind though on how some water may have gotten in there. I went on a ride in 07' that had 6 majorly deep creek crossings. I thought I got off scott free, but maybe i ingested some water???
  6. deyosurf19

    Couple of Top End Q's for the experts

    Thank You guys for the help. The bike has been sitting for the past few years in my garage, I became extremely busy with work. The crank spins freely, and smoothly. The rust is not substantial, just a few marks here and there. And because of the lubrication it does not look pitted just miscolored. Thanks again!
  7. Hey Guys, So I decided to rebuild my top end on my 06' YZ 250 for the first time, I have never undertaken this task so I have some questions for you regarding my findings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. Piston has lots of dark residue on top, and some heat marks down the side. Normal? 2. There appears to be rust marks on the crank and crank arm from what I see on the bottom end. Normal? 3. The wisco piston says I need to measure the ring gap and file away the ring to the proper parameter. Is this really necessary as I am not getting the cylinder plated or anything. It's a little unnerving doing this my first time, hopefully all ends up well when I'm done. Thank You for your help
  8. deyosurf19

    Drinkwater Flats

    Hey guys, Been out of the loop for awhile, I'm stuck down here in Georgia pursuing my law enforcement career. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I am done with the academy here in early February. What is the status of the Rowher Drinkwater closure? When I left the 1 year date was supposed to expire, did they extend it? If so what is the re-open date? Can't wait to get back and ride. Thanks guys, and Merry Christmas!
  9. deyosurf19

    smoky the bear

  10. deyosurf19

    Eastern Sierra Riding/Fishing

    You could cast a line all day and never catch a fish in Mono Lake, so pass that one up. Fish do not exist, salinity is too high.
  11. deyosurf19


    Thanks for the info, I have been using it and it gets sooo inflamed after about an hour of surfing. I will use the ice cup, hopefully that will help it heal. Can't take time off until the surf drops!!!
  12. deyosurf19

    Stolen Bikes 6-1-08

    I chain my bikes as well, but I always think if they break into your garage by cutting your masterlock, they can sure cut through a chain.
  13. deyosurf19


    Does anyone else here suffer from occassional bouts of tendonitis in their elbows? I surf most morning before work, and ride a couple of times a month and this nagging injury is starting to sideline me more and more. I find myself having to load up on 800mg of Ibprofin before I surf or ride so that my entire arm from shoulder to wrist doesn't have debilitating pain. Does anyone know any fast cures for this condition? I cannot take too much time off of phsical activity or I start to feel like complete shit. Thanks:thumbsup:
  14. deyosurf19

    Kennedy Meadows ?

    Hmm, so I've never been to the KM campground. Is that one actually on the river? where you can just fish right out of your spot? Is it nice? I guess I could trailer my bike up to the trailhead for riding.
  15. deyosurf19

    Got a dirtbike and new to the forum.

    Welcome to the forum, arent you a little old for a 125?