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  1. bedeboer

    300 Big Bore installed on DRZ 250

    Mine seemed to be cranking a little slower sometimes to. The battery is about four years old now. Between the age and what seen to be higher compression, im not going to wait for it to fail. Wouldnt want to have to use the kick starter, that electric start has spoiled me.
  2. bedeboer

    300 Big Bore installed on DRZ 250

    These arent performance related but a couple things i did to make maintenance easier was to cut out the casting piece on the valve cover thats between the two cams. Now I can change the plug with out loosening the tank. I drilled holes in the side covers big enough to get a socket in to remove the seat mounting bolts so now I can remove the seat without removing the side covers. And I switched out all the 8mm headed bolts with 10mm headed ones so I dont have to keep changing socket back and fourth. I made these mods when the bike was new before I ever even rode it. And one thing to add about the big bore kit and the carb needle adjustment. I checked the plug and it looks a little rich so im moving it back from the richest setting up one notch. I will check again after my next ride.
  3. bedeboer

    300 Big Bore installed on DRZ 250

    Got the bike out for the first time with the big bore kit installed, money well spent. Its not drastick but its definetly better than before. I can really tell the difference when on an up hill open stretch where you can open it up. Before it would just kind of fall flat where as now it keeps on pulling. With the stock carb, previously I had the needle set one notch from the richest setting. I went ahead and put it on the richest setting when I put it back together and it seemed to run pretty good. The elevation was between 500 to 2000 feet. Havent looked at the spark plug yet. I think the compression may be a little higher to. So far I am very happy with it. If anyone else is thinking about doing it, I would say go for it.
  4. bedeboer

    300 Big Bore installed on DRZ 250

    I have opened up the air box but still have the stock A/F. I need to change that to. Thanks for the info. Let me know when you get your carb dialed in.
  5. bedeboer

    300 Big Bore installed on DRZ 250

    Im waiting to get back my cylinder from Kustom-Kraft. Im having the same thing done to my 04 DR-Z 250. I have allready installed an FMF silencer and ground down the welds on the header pipe flange. Just getting the exhaust freed up made a big difference. Would like to find out the Mikuni carb part number and what jetting adjustment you made. I am also 48 and have low back problems, This bike is perfect for me.
  6. bedeboer

    Is the yosh pipe worth the money

    I just put an FMF Core 4 on my 04 250 and was surprised by how much difference it made. The bottom end is noticeably better and pulls good through the whole power band. I had also previously cleaned up the weld at the stock header pipe flange. Cant speak for the Yoshi but the FMF is definetly cheaper.