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    New Texas OHV sticker program

    Interesting thread. I've known about this sticker for a year, ever since I bought my kids bikes used. I looked around the internet for info on parks to ride at and found that on the parks and wildlife page, but it didn't say where to get one. I asked at 2 of the places that are now listed on that link as places to buy the sticker and neither had any idea what I was talking about. I asked the guy at the gate at Marshall Creek and he said it wasn't being enforced.. I asked several riders there about it and no one had heard of it. One guy had 2 3-week-old bikes he'd bought brand new and hadn't heard of it. Sales guy never mentioned it. Met him a few weeks later and he said he'd looked it up on the internet but couldn't find a shop near him that knew about it. Just printed that page and will ask Cycle Center of Denton this week.
  2. I quit worrying about the seat height and lean of the bike and sat my 6-year-old on it in neutral and held the bike straight. Had him work the throttle until we agreed that he knew what i meant when I said "give it gas" or "let go" then i walked 15 feet away from him and positioned my 12-year-old the same distance on the other side with instructions to just pull his brother off the seat if he headed his way and all looked lost and not worry about the bike. He gave it gas and rode to us. We moved 15 feet away. repeated that about 10 times until he said he was tired and just wanted to ride with me. His confidence is improving but he's still not sure about turning the bike and the lean makes it hard for him to go straight. I pulled the training wheels and rode with him in front of me around the yard and he grinned ear to ear. Finally got his mother to try the bike without the training wheels. You guys could probably smell the fear... She actually fits the bike better (4'11" 95lbs) than the rest of us. -john
  3. OnePoet

    48 state or CA. addition klr

    3 weeks ago I was in Grapevine Kawasaki and they had a Green KLR that didn't have a SOLD tag on it. It's the first time I've seen that shop with a KLR of any color that wasn't sold before it entered their showroom. 2 days ago I was in Cycle Center of Denton and followed a guy out on a Green KLR with fresh paper dealer plate on it. Somebody is able to buy the green ones... Are you saying they're all pre-ordered? I do like this years green but I'd like an 04 and 05 red better.
  4. I'd prefer not to cut the seat, as I was hoping to lower the entire bike so the training wheels could be used without leaning the bike so much. The rear shock looks plain so I'm guessing it's stock. I was hoping to find out if there are shocks that might lower the bike as well as possibly different wheels/tires. Right now I just want it to be fun for him, so he doesn't feel like he has to work to ride the bike. http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h5/OnePoet/2d2248d9.jpg and his sister: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h5/OnePoet/beeccba1.jpg I'm new to dirtbikes myself. Been riding on the street since I was 14. I'd like to do some dirt riding but right now a dirt bike for me is less important to me than getting the little ones interested in it. They love motorcycles in general, and are excited about having the bike. I want to get them some "that was fun" time before they have some "ouch that hurt" times on them so they won't be afraid of the bike. My 12-year-old loves the bike and we'll probably be getting him a KLX110 because he has a friend who has outgrown it, and he doesn't want to tackle a clutch yet. Once again, I want it to be fun for him. -john
  5. My youngest children just turned 4 and 6 last week. I bought them a used 2003 XR50. It appears to be stock and the PO claimed it was. I also bought the training wheels that connect at the footpegs. Really don't expect the 4-year-old to ride it by herself for awhile. I walk beside her and handle the thottle and brake. She has a blast anyway and I have to drag her gear off or she'd walk around everywhere geared up. I was hoping my 6-year-old would be able to handle the bike by himself with the training wheels. The bike leans quite a bit onto the training wheels and I'd say the high wheel is a good 2 inches off the ground. The few times he's sat on it with the training wheels off he can barely touch the ground with his toes. Yesterday we were at the Honda shop looking at helmets for my other son and they had a 2006 CRF50F. It looks smaller, so my 6-year-old sat on it. He can flat-foot it. Why is our '03 XR50R so much taller? I thought they were the same bike except for the name and number plate color. I'm guessing the training wheels would not be so far from the ground on the CRF50. What can I do to make the XR an inch or more shorter? I currently have to jog next to him because the lean makes it hard to control. -john