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  1. ManiacalChicken

    Wr300 overheating

    Try Engine Ice, works great for me.
  2. ManiacalChicken

    rims compatability with ktm

    The rear will fit, the front was changed in 03,its all the same as a ktm.
  3. ManiacalChicken

    husaberg fe550???

    Sounds pricey to me, two years ago i got a 07 fe550e for 3500$ with both supermoto and dirt set-up about 100 hours.
  4. ManiacalChicken

    clarke tank is not fitting right. need a little help

    It should vent out of the gas cap.
  5. Its a very common problem with the dr, just get a raptor and problem will be fixed.
  6. ManiacalChicken

    Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

    Just got a 07 FE550 getting it set up for ice riding here in Wisconsin. Have not had a chance to ride it much yet and can't believe I can't wait for cold weather
  7. ManiacalChicken

    What is it worth?

    Sounds to me like a good deal, i would prolly buy it.
  8. ManiacalChicken

    Anyone using the new Q2 and powerbomb?

    I got a 06 sm and am running the Q2 with the 3x3 and rejetted, i never had a different pipe other than stock but i thought it was a big difference especially in the bottom end. The pipe sounds good too, just loud enuff but not too loud. I am glad i bought it.
  9. ManiacalChicken

    Reforumlated gas?

    Where i live they use a ethanol-blended rfg now i have no idea what that means =/. But have you ever tried a " regular gasoline " to a mtbe or what they use now?
  10. ManiacalChicken

    Reforumlated gas?

    Hi yall, just curious has anyone done some dynoed the difference between reforumlated gas and regular gas? And if there is a difference in jetting with the reforumlated gas?