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  1. I ended up ordering stock size cylinder works cylinder and piston and new cam chain...sent the bottom end to a mechanic to pull apart and see if any damage...should know more by Friday. As for the head i got a deal on a pro circuit ported and polished head with pc valves stage 2 hot cams(one race on it). The box of parts i purchased also came with brand new pc cams and springs as well as stock valves. My stock head and cams look in perfect shape but the valves stems looked cooked so i haven't decided what route in gonna go yet...ported head and brand new cams or stage 2 hot cams? Or stock head with pc valves and cams? Etc etc...if i don't use the pc cams and springs i will probably try and sell them to recoup cost on my fairly expensive oil change...
  2. Basically what your saying is meshing half pc with half stock would equal bad news?
  3. K thx mx...still havent ripped the head apart on my blown motor to see valves seats etc...if they are pouched it would be better to send stock head out for rebuild then use the pc one? I'm just a weekend warrior riding farm tracks and the odd old timers race.
  4. Anyone with knowledge or experience with pc? I just got a call from a buddy whos selling a pc head port polish valves springs cams all has one race on it last year before the rider signed with my question is if its worth the 500$ he wants and what should I expect from it...I run 50/50 race and prem pump with my stock setup already...would I need to run full race? Stock piston and crank be ok? Will I have to remap? Basically what are the pros and cons...thanks for any advice!
  5. Thx for input guys, think i will split cases for for 270 kit i am very interested but i see mixed reviews on it. I've ridden an '10 yz with a 290 kit and thought it was awesome, love the low end torque. I will have to get mapping done for 270 and different cams as well to make it run from what I've read past couple days. But will it give me that nice bottom end like that yz had? Not too much info or reviews in it.
  6. Oh ya bike has 30hrs on it
  7. I f'd up and installed oil filter backwards...rode the local track for about 20-30 seconds and motor locked up. Small kick and she broke loose fairly easily. Took apart motor last night and found rings completely gone...melted aluminum stuck to cylinder but didnt hone to see if damage was actually done to nickesil. Crank has no play up and down but alittle bit side to side which is normal? valves all look straight, cams are good as well as bearings...head doesn't have a mark on it...basically question is should i send head in for new valves and rebuild bottom as well as the obvious piston and ring replacement?
  8. hi all. i have an 04 wr 450 with a completely blown motor. Just saw an 03 yz450f for sale on ebay. Will this work for me? I know i won't have electric start but just want to get it goin again and ride without spending huge money on new.
  9. finally got around to pulling motor apart. when i pulled the head apart i noticed the bolts holding intake cam were loose. upon further inspection intake cam ground its way down causing valves to possibly interfere with piston. Looks to be even worse than i thought. Need new head now as well as cam and valves, cyl, crank case piston etc. Anybody out there selling a complete motor. Had about 250 hours on mine. Guess i should have opened it up a long time ago.
  10. just talked to a mech. who says i should have replaced my piston after so many hours. is this true on a four stroke? i don't race, but i tend to go to the dunes quite abit which is really hard riding.
  11. spent an hour at the track, then spent an hour in the sand dunes riding pretty hard, then proceded back to the track via highway where i had it full out in 5th for about five seconds when the rear wheel locked up. bike was running great though with no signs of blowing.
  12. yes it was a bad day today. I have yet to see the exact damage that's happened to my 2003 wr450. Im to scared to look. but what i can see from the outside is connecting rod protuding out of the front of the cylinder. there is also a crack down the right side of my crank. My question is I am from Edmonton Ab. Where is the best place to order parts from. (cheaper is better than quicker as i am on abit of a budget.) Suspecting by the look of some of the damage i will need a new cyl. , piston, crank assembly, half a crank cover(if there is such a thing, may have to buy whole thing) etc. also i was wondering if anyone else has had this much damage under normal riding. ( 1800 miles with orginal piston ) use yamalube syn. oil changed after every 2 rides, clean filter ... generally well maintained, or so i thought.