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  1. Maybe the disk is dished? Is the wear on the pads even, or is the outer edge more worn than the inner edge. The SM disk is very thin and easily distorted. I replaced mine with an EBC which is much thicker more rigid. I think my disk overheated (despite the floating design) which caused the dishing.
  2. The dr will veer to the right if braked when leaned over, due to the single disk twisting the fork. Very noticeably. The superbrace completely removes this tendency. I've the Safari tank on my dr and the brace firms up the steering considerably when the tank is more than half full. All in all a good investment, if not essential.
  3. On the other hand loose valves = accelarated wear to rockers and cams. Stay in the middle.
  4. I just fixed my seized cable today. I've the Safari 30L tank fitted so the dr350 lever won't fit. I cut the cable about half way along its length (happily past the corrosion point), then made a loop in the wire at the cut point. I cable tied this to the fuel hose. Pulling on the loop activates the choke.It works fine and cost me nothing. I changed out the spring at the plunger end for a lighter one that prevented the choke snapping shut on its own.
  5. Thanks, BK. I might just kill two birds...
  6. Slightly OT, sorry. Is the tm40 compatible with the Safari tank? There are issues with the stock carb and the Safari. The carb has a hard time pulling in fuel when on reserve (there's a hump in the fuel line - sometimes a bubble of air is trapped at the hump). Is this the fuel intake (arrowed)? It looks like it might be rotatable - is it? Getting the intake angle right would help a lot.
  7. Try: http://www.ignitech.cz/english/aindex.htm (Your exchange rate is going to be bad though).
  8. If the bike falls over on your leg, engine still running, you might regret taking that guard off.
  9. They're fine on hard packed gravel. I have the non-supermoto Distanzias on my sm.
  10. Yamaha went with gaitors for the new 660 Tenere. Their reasoning was that, despite the old-fashioned looks, gaitors work better than any other solution. As for me I've always loved the looks. BTW if you've lowered your DR and your gaitors look wonky you can cut them, slice a few ridges out and reinstall with the top section overlapping the bottom section. The overlapping ridges lock securely. Works perfectly and you can barely see the cut.
  11. Recently I managed about 25 miles on reserve by keeping the bike to about quarter throttle and under 40mph. Over 40 it would stutter and backfire like crazy. So the reserve is usable, barely. This was on the road. I doubt you could ride off road with only quarter throttle available. I don't have the bottle to try twisting the inlet on the carb. But if someone wants to sell me their spare standard carb cheap... pm me.
  12. I've had mine for about a year and I like it. A few of things though: It adds about 15 minutes to maintainence chores and is tedious to take off/put on. You can't change the plugs without removing the tank. I have to drop my speed to below 35mph when on reserve - the fuel flow doesn't allow faster speeds without spitting and popping. There's not enough difference in height between the taps and the carb to allow clean gravity feed. It's hard to shift your weight forward with the bulk of the tank. You won't be able to add highway pegs, either.
  13. I've got Distanzias on my SM with about 5000 miles. I might get another 5000 out of them. Mind you these are not the SM tyres - they're the standard compound intended for Africa Twins and the like. 90/10 touring tyres. I've the same tyre (different width and profile) on my DR650. I got about 3500 out of the 208s, completely bald with the canvas showing. And that was just mild commuting mileage.
  14. I repaired a rad on a VFR800 with Araldite. It lasted 12,000 miles until I sold the bike, with no leaks. Maybe it's still going strong...
  15. The SM has less trail than the S (94mm vs 107mm). I don't know whether this is a just a function of the smaller wheel. Also the turning circle is noticeably larger on the SM - different lockstops? So there may be some differences at the headstock between the two bikes.