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  1. Don't waste your money on a graphics kit, you can't tell it was a Kawasaki anymore. Looks great! Long Range
  2. Long_Range

    wr 450 bogging at full throttle

    I had somewhat of a similar problem on my 1983 XC500 Husky. Turns out the fuel was foaming in the bowls from vibration and was sucking bubbles and bogging at wide open throttle. My answer was to install a thimble like screen/filter to keep bubbles from going where they shouldn't. It worked for me. Good luck. Long Range
  3. Long_Range

    Aluminum vs. Steel frame

    What are the pros and cons of an aluminum frame vs. a steel frame. Steel has more resistance to stress fatigue, is smaller in cross section so there is more room for other bike parts (more compact package), easier to weld if it does crack. In Honda's case the the CRF450X gained more weight than did the WR450F compared to their motocross brothers even though the WR has a steel frame. Also, I read about some aluminum frames are too stiff (although I can't imagine how that could be). Is aluminum better? Or not? Long Range