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  1. NetMagi

    CRF450L Build Updates

    Bought the entire seat. Took about 1.5 weeks to get. To be honest, I bought the whole thing because I knew they'd do a better job than me wrapping it, but when it came, it's not as nicely done as the one I had gotten for my WR years ago. It's not bad, but it looks a bit rushed with the foam not being consistently trimmed/tucked at the bottom where the cover wraps around the plastic pan, causing an unevenness in appearance. It's still comfy and worlds better than stock. If they're reading this though, slow down and maintain the quality control please
  2. NetMagi

    CRF450L Build Updates

    Have made a ton of progress working towards the goals I threw down in my accessory shopping list thread from a few a weeks ago: SeatConcepts comfort seat is on (and ohhh soo comfy) I designed and built the GPS mount Zeta handguards are on and wired as both blinkers and running lights DoubleTake Enduro Mirror is moved over from my WRR (sold the WRR) Prototype Scaggs-Style Rack Installed and moved over from my Wolfman Peak Tail Bag SAE Plug added for power Tail Tidy done LOVING this bike. I'll be posting an updated review on YouTube as well when I get time to narrate some new ride footage. In short, there's no way I could go back to a 250. Yes, a 250 is enough for singletrack woods riding, but the 450 makes it more fun, and this bike now feels even more balanced to me than my WRR did. On the street or where the trail opens up, it's a no-contest win for the CRF450L over the WRR or another 250-class dual sport. The power is soooooo addicting. Can't stop getting into the throttle. Posted 2 current pics and started a build page here: http://pyr8moto.com/crf450l/ Will be doing write-ups for all the custom work, and I'm entertaining the idea of actually making the GPS mounts available for sale. I'm super happy with how it came out for mounting a Garmin Montana to the stock bar (pic attached), and the design could be easily tweaked to mount a phone or other GPS. Need to take a pic from the other side as well, but the screen sits at 12 degrees off the bar mounts, a bit more subtle than the dash, since your eyes are closer to the GPS than the dash. Working with Jared from Scaggs MotoDesigns on a rack in his typical style for the tail. Got him all the necessary measurements and even designed some prototype pieces to test with, and I think he's planning on making those available soon. -Rich H.
  3. NetMagi

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    yeh I went all black, carbon sides, gripper top, std height comfort. Shipped, but haven't gotten it yet. How's it feel just sittin still?
  4. NetMagi

    CRF450L Tail Tidy

    Nope, brake light stays on dimly all the time and illuminates it fairly well, but I did consider that the DOT probably wants a clear lens or bulb there. I rarely ride at night, but in the future I'll likely either be adding a little waterproof LED attached to the now available 12v plug in the fender that the stock unit used, or replace the brake light lens with one that has a clear section of lens on the bottom portion (when the aftermarket catches up and offers one). The standard practice of just replacing the whole taillight module with one that offers the clear lens will be tricky on these bikes, because it's integrated into the whole lower (inner) fender. That's why I'm hoping to replace 'just' the lens in the future. -Rich H.
  5. NetMagi

    CRF450L Tail Tidy

    Will do a how-to video within the next few days on my youtube channel.
  6. NetMagi

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    Really surprised to hear that! I had the 'low-comfort' on my WR250R and absolutely loved it. Put a lot of miles on that seat. Wonder if some of the seat pans are just hard to work around. I ordered the std. height comfort for my CRF last week. Fingers crossed it's as good as the one I had on my WR. -Rich H.
  7. NetMagi

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    In fact, here's the pic from zeta's site, showing an example installation of the side-mount types:
  8. NetMagi

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    Awesome, I had just ordered what I think are the same parts (but in Titanium) color for mine the day you posted this. Funny thing was I had spent 30 mins deciding between the black and white plastic pieces and looking for pics of 450R's to get an idea of what the color would look like. If I had just looked on here, you've already got white ones, and installed them, lol. Glad I went with white, they look great. Question though, now that I've got the parts in, compared to the same parts when I bought them for my WR, it looks like the design of the "side mounts" has changed a bit, and the anodizing doesn't quite match the handguard bars. Can you post a close-up shot of the side mounts at the forks? -Rich H.
  9. NetMagi

    First ride CRF450L - mudddddy

    HP is higher in the mid-range on the new 450, but the xr650l is going to win down low on torque. All depends on what you ride. I would take the 450 on the street for the higher mid-range power, and on tight single track due to the lower weight. I would take the 650 on doubletrack / fire roads for the satisfying torque. Real life needs to be like GTAV where I just ditch what I'm on with no consequences, and have the 'mechanic' bring me the right bike for the terrain I'm about to get on at any time 😛 😛
  10. NetMagi

    CRF450L Accessory Shopping List

    I don't mind waiting a bit, no worries there. I'll prolly be modding in the garage all through winter. Is the seat across the whole crf450 platform the same? -Rich H.
  11. NetMagi

    Honda CRF450L 2019