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  1. NetMagi

    2012 leftover

    I got it. 6k flat, otd.
  2. Heading out to swing my leg over a WR today. Anybody? -Rich H.
  3. NetMagi

    2012 leftover

    Yes wr250r.
  4. NetMagi

    2012 leftover

    Dealer has a 2012 leftover (new). Thoughts on a fair price otd? Any reason not to go with a 12?
  5. NetMagi

    shopping for a new DS

    would be interested in hearing you guys chime in over here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1071677-ready-to-open-up-my-wallet-need-help-deciding/?p=11409096 I know I'm not likely to get ppl "against" a WR in this forum, so this might be skewed, but nevertheless confirmation (or crushing) of some of my thoughts would be valuable -Rich H.
  6. Ok, so have been digging in on a lot of the options I had in mind already, and those suggested here. I put together the following spread sheet: Solely for comparison, since I'm not interested in re-buying either of them, I listed my previous bikes off to the right. The Beta 400 RS looks like the clear winner for straight up performance in this category, and the price doesn't *scare* me. The WR looks like 2nd place to me since the other bikes have issues that in my opinion keep them out of contention in one more areas (seat height, gearing, etc.) Info on the Beta is sparse, it seems more subjective, and it's carbureted. I'd want to get the seat to somewhere between 35 and 36 (I think i'd like to be right at 35.5"), and there's tons of options for the WR, and literally nothing for the Beta. In fact, there seems to be very little aftermarket support for it. Not surprising since they're a smaller Italian co, but it does raise concern. I also don't like the idea of potentially having to mess with the carb on a regular basis to get and keep good performance. Call me lazy, but I just want to ride. For the gap in price to the WR250R, I could do a 1" lower seat, pipe, intake, programmer, etc., and still be way under. I also think looking at the pics of the WR that there is a LOT of crap on it that can be pulled off to bring the weight down to where you'd expect it to me (maybe 20 lbs worth??). The WR obviously has a big following, is bulletproof, and has well documented mods/accessories. Interesting in hearing other reactions to the data above in the table, and would especially love to hear from someone with a WR or the Beta. Thanks for all the input and feedback thus far. -Rich H.
  7. Haven’t ridden in about 5 years, but I’m ready to get back into it. My first bike was an 88 XR200R that I rode into the ground. I replaced it with an 06 DRZ400S so I could *legally* ride to the trailheads and between trails without the cops chasing me I sold the Suzuki a short while later due to just not being into it, as well as being broke (it was financed). About me: 6’ tall, ~215lbs, 35 yrs old Things I *LIKED* about the XR200R: -felt like a mtn. bike with a motor. Was light, stable, and solid in the woods, and I had tons of confidence on it. -was CHEAP!! Paid 1k for it used and got over 3 yrs out of it. -plenty of power in the woods Things I *DIDN’T LIKE* about the XR200R: -underpowered on the street (duh) -seat was a little low. I could put both feet flat on the ground with a half inch or so to spare. Things I *LIKED* about the DRZ-400S: -plenty of power in the woods *and* on the street -electric start. turn key, go. No futzing about getting it started and keeping it running Things I *DIDN’T LIKE* about the DRZ-400S: -felt heavy and unbalanced in the woods, and as such, I had low confidence. (even though it’s light for it’s class) -Seat was a bit too high. Was hard or impossible to put foot down on tight stuff. Had a couple low-speed fall-overs. None leaded to real damage to me or the bike, but it was FRUSTRATING in the tight stuff. Seat height I’m sure had a lot to do with my confidence. Examples of the street riding I’ll be doing: -to work in the nice weather (~15 miles, back roads) -to nearby trails -on the road (limited highway) with friends to more distant trails (for ex, I live in northeast PA, and a bud and I are planning on riding out to the pine barrens in Jersey and camping and riding the fire roads/trails out there for a few days) Examples of dirt riding: -the fire roads / trails I mentioned above -typical PA singletrack with a mix of tight slow technical sections where putting a foot down isn’t uncommon, and then opening to faster more open sections. I’m not afraid to stay on the throttle and get a little air over some of the bumps, but I am by NO means an MX rider, nor do I have any interest connecting big jumps, etc. Money is less of an issue now, but I’m not interested in “spending stupid” either. So far I’m leaning towards sucking up the crappy road ability of a smaller displacement bike, and going with a new Yamaha WR250R, but I’m all over the place. I’ve literally wasted days looking at bikes online. I guess the things that are most important to me are: Seat height (I want to be able to touch the ground with more than my tippytoes) Usable on-road. I don’t need to cross the continent, but I’d like to ride it to the trail, even if the trail is one state away on occasion. Stable in the tight stuff in the woods. Reliable (not interested in spending every other weekend screwing around with jetting, etc.) Some of the other bikes I’ve looked at: Honda CRF250L KTM 690 Enduro R - a BEAST that looks like it works in the woods too. . maybe not. .reviews were limited Kawasaki KLX 250S Beta 400RS KTM 350 (love the power compromise on this bike, and it’s light too, but c’mon seat is over 38”!!!!!! WTF) I can’t be the only one looking for a bike in this category. . . Where are there not more 350-400 cc lightweight dual sports with good balance and a reasonable seat height? Are my desires retarded? Help!
  8. NetMagi

    $35 walmart battery. Brilliant or 'tarded?

    The terminals are fairly thick. I'd say they're roughly equivelant to 12 guage wire. I get what you're saying about the amp draw rate, etc. but I'll share a little story that would seem to disagree. . 2 years ago i worked at a small web hosting co and was there late. . i was the last to leave. I headed out to my truck (a 4-cyl 98 toyota tacoma) and the batt was dead (left the dome light on). Nobody else was around and it was flat where i'd parked, so popping the clutch was out of the question. I went back inside, pulled one of those 7ah batts out of an UPS box and hooked it up using a set of jumper cables. The friggin truck started right up!! So, i'm still willing to give it a try.
  9. NetMagi

    $35 walmart battery. Brilliant or 'tarded?

    nevermind, i got the specs elsewhere. . they are: 6.5AH, 85 CCA L: 6" W: 2 9/16 H: 3 11/16 I would SERIOUSLY consider giving one of these a try: http://www.batterymart.com/battery.mv?p=SLA-12V7-F1 This is the same battery almost of all of the APC UPS's up to 650va ship with, and I stock these in my PC repair shop. The size will fit, and one could easily fab something to adapt the DRZ's harness to those terminals. My stock battery is still working fine, but when it quits, im definetely giving one of these a shot. -Rich
  10. NetMagi

    $35 walmart battery. Brilliant or 'tarded?

    how many AH (amp-hours) is the stock battery?
  11. NetMagi

    Hooligan Video

    no argument from me that's it's not an intelligent way to ride, but it's still an entertaining vid to watch
  12. NetMagi

    Hooligan Video

    Hope this isn't a repost... just came across this on google vid today: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4559405168014227532 first min or so is boring, then it picks up
  13. NetMagi

    oops, top speed -engine Q

    im kind of a fatso at 215lbs .. so that could be part of it too but yeh. . im still bone stock (only pulled the snorkel thing in the airbox) i've been meaning to cut it out as suggested and re-jet. I'm a little scared though -rich
  14. NetMagi

    oops, top speed -engine Q

    so. . im out cruisin last night . . in lovely cool riding weather. . and a sportbike and harley fly past doin probably 75ish Now, usually im an uber-safe rider, but i'd had a rough nite and was kinda edgy feelin, so i decided to pass them. I blew past with the speedo tickin back and forth between 88 and 89 (as fast as it would go). I could hear the harley accelerate, but he couldn't keep up, and the sportbiker, of course, passed me again going god knows how fast. I knew i had no chance of keeping up with the sportbike, but it was amusing me the harley couldn't keep up, so I held it WOT for about 5 miles before taking an exit ramp and getting out of the action. It wasn't till later when I'd calmed done from bein pissed off about other stuff that had happened that evening that I thought, "well crap, that probably wasn't good for the engine". So that's the question: Did i likely screw anything up holding it WOT at 88-90ish for 5 or so miles? -Rich
  15. NetMagi

    speaking of DRZ and wh00lies

    pure outlaw. love it