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  1. LOL yeah its me. nope not goin for honda. i want a kx125. greens better!
  2. Tank21

    convincing a stubborn dad

    got a kx85 and love it my dad was VERY nice for getting a a kx85 and hes right i can ride circles around the modded bikes. get a 2 stroke bring up soe links show him how much they ROCK! lol, latter
  3. oh i see now santa rosa not too far
  4. Riding or footin? ill try to get better by then. Mabe dustin and lincoln can go? that wud be great!
  5. Hey me and my dad live in the area of cow mountain we ride there sum timez. i dont know when we will go next tho. we also ride middle creek alot too. what are ur where abouts?
  6. Tank21

    Wreck on I-57.

    oh dude im soo sorry this happend its one of the SADDEST stories ive ever herd
  7. Tank21

    Middle cr this weekend 22 or 23

    yeah i saw you, you almost jumped OFF the jump on the jump near our driveway.LOL! yeah i rode like too but hey,wut can you expect it wasa snowing a few dayz ago lol..well mabe tonight we can ride? or wait u just washed our bikes lol i realy wanna TRY to ride your bike....well latter
  8. Tank21

    Middle cr this weekend 22 or 23

    i think saterday wud be good day to ride
  9. Tank21

    2003 KX 85 what's it worth?

    if you want the best deal..get a new one then you dont gotta worry about wear and tear and if ur kid is too small cut some of the seat out and as he grows put a new custom seat on (there are sum cheap places to do it) and it will be as big as a 125 (like i got) so go ahead and get a new one look around nearby cities it seems the fearther u get the cheaper.... latter
  10. Tank21

    How is KX65 on trails?

    kx65 are the best bikes for a kid thats that small. i am 14 i had a kx65 and i currently have a kx85 and those little 65's are sum of the est out there ...they can do wat my 85 can do/ great bikes
  11. Tank21

    Bashing those tracks agian

    yo' dad dat ride wuz da bst ive done in a while and was up w/ all da sticks?!!?! lol i ate alota cuz my front tire like the ground..lookz like im ready for a 125 now RIGHT? aight lattaz