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  1. TMAC25

    2009 crf450 and 2005 crf450

    2010 and I will be back home on a "Fuel Injected" Yamaha where I belong, just could not hold back on the 09 Honda, Love it.
  2. TMAC25

    Pictures of 09's

    I see you got your Ohlins rear shock. How do you like the set up. I saw your snow motocross video, you are hardcore. I am in the process of dieling in my ohlins on the 09, love them.
  3. TMAC25

    2009 crf450 and 2005 crf450

    Yes took off the hpsd does almost nothing anyway. Might buy the new ohlins 2.0 dampener, but I believe with properly working suspension, steering stabilizers are not needed and I do not like ridding with them.
  4. TMAC25

    Pictures of 09's

    Honda Hit a home run when designing this bike and I cant imagine putting graphics on her. My personal opinion is that I have not seen one set of graphics or one 09 with them on it that look any better than stock or even as good as stock, just my two cents. I just love the white rear and red front and the simplicity of it. I will buy oem graphics when mine wear through.
  5. TMAC25

    2009 crf450 and 2005 crf450

    How about a fully built, ported, polished, Athena 488, K and N and Exhaust with street tires.
  6. My First Honda's!! 2009 Crf450 with Ohlins 48mm front forks and Ohlins Rear shock. 2005 Crf450 Supermoto Build in progress. Still Love my 06 Yz450f, cant bring myself to sell her.
  7. TMAC25

    Pictures of 09's

  8. TMAC25

    Ohlins on 09 crf450r

    Rode Socal Lake Elisnor the past two days with both bikes, what a difference, love the power of my YZ and my YZ suspension thats right even with the ohlins, my enzo was better. The crf's feel is better, bike feels much lighter makes the yz feel tanky, the yz likes to drift and wash out where the cr turns in. Both have there advantages, my best guess is the Honda will be a much better bike with a few parts and dialing it in more. NEEDS MORE POWER.
  9. TMAC25

    Ohlins on 09 crf450r

    Was going to until I bought the Ohlins, now it is all mine!!!!
  10. TMAC25

    Ohlins on 09 crf450r

    Just bought my new 09 crf450r, saw these Ohlins on ebay so I won the auction for 1,125 including clamps, link to auction below. I have yet to ride my bike, but have heard that the forks were not that great and coming from a 06 yz450f with full Enzo I figured I would need to address this. Anyway anyone have any opinion or have ohlins on theirs, also what do you think of the deal I got also, how is the oem shock, should I get the new ohlins shock? Any advice or info would be great. Thanks. <br> http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260343275633&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&viewitem= <br> My Yz
  11. Just put it on my 05crf450 supermoto and it looks way better in person, can not speak for the Kawi, but it is kind of ugly i nthe pic to me, but my honda in person is sick, so this is probably sick in person too.
  12. I need help, I am rebuilding my 07 kx250f and need engine cases and my question is are the engine cases off an 06 any different or even off an 05 any different. I know it is a different frame, but was thinking that they were the same motor? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  13. Hey I just fell into a JTX320 Contact Gas gas trials bike for 1500 and bought it. The guy told me it was a 2000 or an 01, but once everything was said and done it turned out to be a 97. I know nothing and I mean nothing about trials bikes, I race motocross and ride street bikes and thought it would be fun to try. The bike is good and beat, standard beat and broken plastics, good amount of frame wear and so on. I was thinking I got a good deal it being a 00 or 01, now that I know it is a 97, did I get robbed and should I just sell it or is it worth fixing up and ridding? Anyway also where in the heck do I get parts. Thanks all for any input.
  14. I just took a revloc out of my 04 crf450 and put it in my 05 crf450. Bike runs fine and seems to work properly, but the clutch drags, meaning when sitting in first gear at a standstill, the bike pulses forward mildly and not smoothly. Anyway I have been searching everywhere for any info on adjustments or similar problems and nothing. I know one of my fellow thumper talkers can help me out. Any info helps. P.S. I have every other spring on the pressure plate installed and left the others out as that is what worked on my 04, could that be the problem? Anyway any help much appreciated. Also I have no shims on the springs installed.
  15. TMAC25

    Will Yamaha raise the bar in 2010?

    O ya and as far as the price thing goes, ya once EFI and steering stabilizers and most likely steering assist what are we going to be paying 10k for a bike, it has gotten crazy after all dont you all remember what it cost for a brand new 250 smoker what about 5 years ago this 4 stroke revolution cost riders at every level, bike cost more, aftermarket parts are more and they sure cost a heck of a lot more to fix. But dont get me wrong I love my 4 stroke and would never go back, I just could not imagine being a dad trying to support my kids racing with the skyrocketing price that it takes to be competative these days. Anyway sorry for the rants and the three post in a row and hopefully for all of us we get EFI in 2010 and it is released half way through summer or something as I cant imagine many people buying 09's as there has been little change between 06-09 I don't care what anyone says about an 08 turning better, they are just justifying the purchase of a new bike, very few of us myself included could properly never notice a difference and if we did it would minutely make us faster, kinf of like the difference between the 03 yz450 and the 05 yz450 very very very little difference and I have owned them all.