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  1. 29/32 seems high to me as well. I'm at 25 psi front 29 psi rear.
  2. I ride to work daily. If you don't want to try to figure out how to carry two big dogs on the rack, I'd go with: 1) Lock the steering (should be obvious, but the sales guy I bought from said he never did on his DRZ) 2) Disc lock on front brake (Kryptonite or decent, no alarm but definitely the cord to the bars to remind you it's there) 3) Insurance with theft coverage. Also the usual bit of being smart as to where you park to make it hard for someone to have time to defeat your locks or get a van in close to avoid them. I figure if someone wants it bad enough, they'll take it. The locks keep the opportunists away and insurance means I'll get something towards a new one if it walks.
  3. First two were cash (used and under $3k), third was partially financed (shiny, new, over $6k). Just paid it off (11 months into a 48 month loan at 12%).
  4. The Edge is the metal bracket, Edge-2 is plastic. Get the metal one and the blinker stays. I was rigging cheap hardware store L-brackets into blinker stays on mine, they kept bending after 6 months.
  5. I spend too much time commuting on my SM, so I'm usually in full gear - A* leather jacket (with RC back protector - better than nothing but not as nice as say a T-Pro), A* textile cargo pants (+ jeans), A* GP Plus gloves, Shoei full-face road helmet (soon to be replaced by a XD or the Japanese Shoei Hornet), Sidi road boots. Short runs to the store/gym/etc I sometimes skip the pants but that's making me nervous lately. I've got the scars to prove jeans don't do much at 30-40 mph even if you avoid serious injury.
  6. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/product_p/pu_vc02.htm perhaps? Works for the aluminum ones...
  7. Haven't had EBC's on my DRZ yet (still on the stock pads) but the EBC Sintered/HH pads have made that noise on every other bike I've had them on.
  8. 06 SM, 140 lbs, 35 mile round trip city street commute (the freeway from work to home is worse than city streets) - 48 mpg consistently. 60+ mpg when I got to play somewhere without stoplights. No engine mods yet - I'm going the less popular route of sorting out ergonomics first.
  9. Dumb question, but who makes sliders that fit the stock DRZ pegs? I haven't found any - the SME ones seem to have everything except Suzuki, as do the UFO's.
  10. Security Torx bit...Harbor Freight has some sets for $10 or so, other places should too. I think the sets from Harbor Freight also have the bits to take the security-bolted soap dispensers from work... http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=93388