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  1. wildkx250f

    07 front sprocket

    put just the metal chain guard thing back on and tighten it up, the little metal piece that goes under the big plastic guard, then put your chain over the top of the sprocket but make it so its all kinked up so it locks the sprocket from spinning, then put the right size socket on with a breaker bar and a long piece of pipe and bang, she'll come right off. if not then whoever had that thing before you was strong as shit.
  2. wildkx250f

    Thinking about buying an 08 Kawi 450

    heck yea, same here. i bought my 08 in late 07 and i love everything about it. never had to touch the valves once and im over a hundred hours. stock everything, it comes with plenty of power from the factory
  3. wildkx250f

    08 kx450f cant get it started please help

    make sure that the shims in the cups didnt get messed up when reinstalling the head components. when i re did my top end before everything went back together i checked all my valve tolerances and 3 were perfect and one was wayyy to tight, so i pulled the cam out and the shim that sits between the valve and the bucket was outta place.....thats the only thing i can think of, unless like the other guy said your timing chain stretched...good luck guys
  4. wildkx250f

    Bike will not start cold

    no, the air filter sitting clean doesnt make a difference at all. sometimes older bikes do that with the choke on and not starting and then you turn it off and it starts, my old kx did that often,but hey, atleast it starts now
  5. wildkx250f

    OIL Filter?

    i heard there was some confusion as well, just put it back in the exact same way you take it out, that way you'll have no one to blame but yourself if something goes wrong
  6. wildkx250f

    Cheap horse power.

    when its hard to let the throttle go all the way back around you need to loosen your grip for a split second and let it go back by itself then re grip, or you can go here, http://www.motosport.com/offroad/productDetail.php?prodId=493796&nav=&sMMY= and buy the throttle cable spinner that lets you change the ratio of how much gas you give it with a small spin of the wrist, i think youll find it very helpful, i did
  7. wildkx250f

    my chain adjuster is too tight to move!! help

    sounds like a better method then what ive tried, ill give it a go and let you know. thanks
  8. wildkx250f

    my chain adjuster is too tight to move!! help

    yes i did loosen up the locking nut first. and i tried wd-40 but when i put it on the outside threads it just doesnt seep into the swingarm threads. when i try to loosen it up with force, the nut just starts to round off, so i stop immediately.
  9. the chain adjuster on the right side of my swingarm seems to be rusted in there, cuz one of the swingarm plugs fell out while i was riding one time, and i didnt notice until that day of riding was over. so im guessing that water ****ed up the threads inside the swingarm and i cant unscrew it to tighten my chain. ANY help would be great!!! thanks a lot
  10. wildkx250f

    Seal savers....are they effective?

    seal savers are all dependant on riding conditions. some people hate them, some love them. i didnt have them and my seals got real dirty and started leaking bad, so i had the seals changed, didnt re use the seal savers, and they leaked again in about 8 months. sometimes you can get lucky and not need to change your seals for years and years, and other times they can go within two rides. i would say screw them
  11. i ride woods, and track, mostly harder packed stuff, and i have went through 5 tires this season, its annoying to keep taking it off and changing it, i just want a tire that will last longer than a month or two. any suggestions? please give me some good tires to look at! thanks
  12. wildkx250f

    03-06 kx250

    i have a 2004 kx250 and have never had a problem, and i have heard that this was the best year made so far. and i never see anyone complaining about them on this or any other website. good luck
  13. someone please give me some pointers here, i have a 2004 kx 250, and the suspension is stock, and let me put it simply....it sucks. it bottoms out at the track, and is not good for the woods. my friend bought his bike used and it was done by race tech, what do they do to it, and where can i get it done? his suspension is soo nice, even if you case a jump, you cant feel it.