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  1. dmdxr400

    HELP... kickstart grinding

    I came off an XR400 with a high compression piston so I go for it on kicking but know to get the engagement in position first. But that shouldn't matter-this thing simply broke too easily. So far I got lucky and didn't go down nightmare road. I ordered the parts (OEM-hopefully better now) and the broken pieces all are accounted for. I can only imagine if the 450x was not an e-start then this would have been an issue for Honda right away. Hammerup-Have you taken the case off and pulled the kick-start. It's a pretty easy thing to do and then you can inspect. -Dennis
  2. dmdxr400

    HELP... kickstart grinding

    Just had this happen to me with my 06. Battery gets old and you have to kick start. But I only had to kickstart bike about 10 times since battery got old. Never even tried the kickstarter for 3 years. On mine the stopper piece and the gear tab both snapped off. Also lucky they made their way below the clutch basket and stayed put. Parts and new battery on order. I hope they beefed these parts up. This should not have happened so easily. -Dennis
  3. dmdxr400

    Cam Chain - Does it rattle when it is too loose ?

    Thanks for the reply. This and other sites/replies got me curious. My thinking was that if you do the valves then do the piston. Might be a good idea to replace the Cam chain at that time also. -Dennis
  4. dmdxr400

    Cam Chain - Does it rattle when it is too loose ?

    How exactly do you change the Cam chain tension. I put a HotCam stage1 and I bought and used the cam tension tool by Honda. It seems that the tension is fully on and the tool just hold it back, allowing work to be done. But when you remove the tool it seems the spring goes back to full tension. Am I missing something? -Dennis
  5. dmdxr400

    HotCam Stage 1 - now noise

    Thanks for the replies. I have the JD jetting kit on it with airbox mod that was recommended with stock bike. Maybe I need to play with that. Stock pipe in place. The other question on compression. If my intake is open a bit longer now even though I have a stock piston in it, then there is more to compress which could lead to pre-detonation? right? I hate to get away from pump gas- 91 in Calif. But with the expensive high octane 110 gas I could get away with adding enough to just up the 91 to 93 or so. Last question, the timinig chain shouldn't be doing this. That seemed simple when putting the cam in since it always wanted to be tight (I used the Honda tool to keep it loose while working on it). Or is there something I could have done to make it loose? It felt tight afterwards. Next last question- Has anyone done this with the R cam or stage 1 or 2 and changed the JD jetting that was recommended for stock? TIA
  6. dmdxr400

    HotCam Stage 1 - now noise

    Hi all, I put a HotCam Stage1 cam in my 06 450x and it does run stronger. However, I have been letting one of my sons ride this frequently since it's Green stickered. He rides it much harder then me. He mentioned some noise so I took it out to Carnegie the other day and did 20miles, this was the 2nd time I rode on the new cam. It sounds like either pinging from low octane fuel or slapping timing chain (never a prob with stock cam)? This is a lower RPM issue which can be very noticeable hen used as a trail bike. If you are on the RPM's it's not noticeable. Other mods- JD jet kit- for the stock bike, Rekluse Autoclutch, other stuff-suspension, stabilizer. Can a cam (especially a Stage 1) change the amount of intake (adding to the compression equation) to cause pre-detonation? I haven't been riding much at all, but when it cools down I want my bike ready to go. Anyone else expierence similar characteristics? TIA, -Dennis
  7. I have the Rekluse with the Perch adjuster so I still have my clutch lever. However, some people also like to add a (shorty) left hand rear brake lever. More finesse than the right foot gives. Has anyone done this? Is there a kit? I love my X and getting in those scratchy little trails this would help. I know some KTM folks have done this, but without the perch part. I would like to have both. -Dennis
  8. dmdxr400


    Thanks AgentSmith. The Hotcams website has a listing of 1016-1. Is the listing you suggest what to look for in the books Cyclegear is using? I also didn't realize the Hotcams website has the listing, but the reference books Cyclegear uses- nothing but the "R". Thanks -Dennis
  9. dmdxr400


    Actually my bike is an 06. Shouldn't make a difference. -Dennis
  10. dmdxr400


    I'm sure it's out there and obvious, but I couldn't find it quickly. This was easier. I went to buy a Stage 1 Hotcam for my 05 450x from Cyclegear. All that is listed is 450R cams (the 250's are listed by "R" or "X" but not the 450's). Will the 450R Stage1 work for my "X"? Is this what people are buying. Also, ebay has them cheaper- same thing right? Thanks, -Dennis
  11. dmdxr400

    When to replace a Piston

    Since there are so many different riding styles (some do alot of trail riding and some race) that the hours count couldn't be an accurate measure for all. Some people are probably changing the piston out much sooner than necessary. Mine has about 1700 miles on it and runs great and valves are still factory spot on. I thought I would have had to do the big work on the engine by now from all the earlier discussions with the 250x and when the 450x came out. Now, I don't think I'm anywhere close to having to do any of this. I guess the logic I'll use is to let the valves decide when the piston should be done, when they need it, replace the piston at the same time. -Dennis
  12. dmdxr400

    Dunlop D803 Trials Tire - WOW!

    I went with a Dunlop 952 which is "kinda in between" the 756 (which I always ran) and the trials tire (from my reading on this). Anyway, I found a huge improvement in my slower trail riding style over the 756. I just seemed to have much more traction uphill, downhill. I can even stop on uphills (if my kids get stuck with those 756's). Then I hit my e-start, let my Rekluse start pulling slowly, and my 952 grabs perfectly and I finish the hill. Amazing for a slower rider to get such noticeable results. It's worth experimenting especially for you hard core fast guys out there that go thru tires quickly anyway. -Dennis
  13. dmdxr400

    Left fork seal leaking.....Homemade driver?

    I did this also. Managed to find PVC that worked. Also the PVC is light weight compared to "real" drivers so I used a propane torch to heat the tube up. That bit of heat made the job manageable and much quicker with the lightweight PVC. Also got no discoloration, but don't go crazy with heat or (from what I've read) you may get tube discoloration or start cooking the seal you are installing. -Dennis
  14. dmdxr400

    Does my 06 450X have a smog Pump?

    Honda built this beauty and the afterthought people were given the smog pump job. Well they managed to put a god awful ugly mess on the side of that good looking Unicam engine. So it's obvious. If you're still not sure then have the Rangers at the California parks fax you a copy of what they have posted (to look out for if it's missing). Anyway, enjoy the new bike. I got out today after not riding for awhile and had a blast. I love that bike. -Dennis
  15. dmdxr400

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