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  1. fire426

    2001 clutch in a 2000...426 ?

    thanx for all of the help.....everyone. I'm new to thumper talk and to getting a big 4-stroke. you guys have been great ......thanx again.
  2. fire426

    2001 clutch in a 2000...426 ?

    Ryan, If you run across any info on this let me know.
  3. fire426

    2001 clutch in a 2000...426 ?

    yes, I'm trying to get some info for John.
  4. fire426

    2001 clutch in a 2000...426 ?

    It's not my bike it's a friends. I have a 01 ..... He got it from a guy in Portland. another ? would the clutch pack from the 01 fit in the 2000 basket?
  5. Need some help.....will a complete clutch, including the basket and inner hub from a 01 426 fit into a 2000 426. if so are there any other parts that would need to replaced i.e. short/long push rod assembly, thrust washer...etc.
  6. fire426

    clutch replacement

    One of the guys that I ride with has a 2000 yzf426. He's looking to replace the clutch. Thanx for any help....whats good and bad.
  7. fire426


    Good to hear...I'm ordering mine this week.
  8. fire426

    raising the bar

    I have a Applied upper clamp and Pro Taper bars. They are set up for 1/18. Does anyone know of a riser for 1/18 to 1/18.