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  1. thanx for all of the help.....everyone. I'm new to thumper talk and to getting a big 4-stroke. you guys have been great ......thanx again.
  2. Ryan, If you run across any info on this let me know.
  3. yes, I'm trying to get some info for John.
  4. It's not my bike it's a friends. I have a 01 ..... He got it from a guy in Portland. another ? would the clutch pack from the 01 fit in the 2000 basket?
  5. Need some help.....will a complete clutch, including the basket and inner hub from a 01 426 fit into a 2000 426. if so are there any other parts that would need to replaced i.e. short/long push rod assembly, thrust washer...etc.
  6. One of the guys that I ride with has a 2000 yzf426. He's looking to replace the clutch. Thanx for any help....whats good and bad.
  7. Good to hear...I'm ordering mine this week.
  8. I have a Applied upper clamp and Pro Taper bars. They are set up for 1/18. Does anyone know of a riser for 1/18 to 1/18.