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  1. Sandbag

    Rim Lock hop

    I have a 99 Klx 300 that I've made street legal, I have new DOT tires front and back, when I had them put on I told the guys I was going to be riding on the street and could they balance them as best as they could. Of course they didn't and I should have probaly had them remove the rim locks....anyway the bike has a hop at 50 that I find irritating. Is there any solution to this without taking the tires back off and removing the rim locks??? Is it possible to remove the rim lock bolt from the rim without causing problems? I was thinking if I removed the bolt that would help but then what would happen to the part in the rim?? suggestions?
  2. ok, I have a 99 KLX 300 that I bought 2 years ago, I want to plate it for the road. Maine requires a title to register for anything 300cc's or bigger, I don't have the title and getting the title is going to be a pain because I have to get the previous owner to do some paperwork and I know it's going to be a hassle. I'm wondering if I can get away with just registering it as a 'KLX' and stating the displacement as 292, technicly it is less than 300. My hunch is that the VIN is going to be a problem because it's going to say it's a 300. Anybody have any thoughts on this.
  3. Sandbag

    Sprocket question for street use??

    one more question...how many links is the stock chain???
  4. Sandbag

    Sprocket question for street use??

    Ok, so the stock rear sprocket is a 50 tooth?? AND can I switch to a smaller rear sprocket without getting a different chain??
  5. Sandbag

    Sprocket question for street use??

    I would like to know that too.
  6. Sandbag

    I stole a KLX

    I'm the buddy, that bike is addictive. Doodman is jealous.
  7. Sandbag

    Sprocket question for street use??

    You I told to shut up!
  8. Hello, i am new here. Just bought a 99 KLX 300, i am going to be registering the bike for the street. I would like some suggestions for a rear sprocket size to make the bike more tollerable on the road, most of my riding is going to be off road still, I just want to get it to where I'm going to be riding. If I could get the bike to do 60 on the road without blurring my vision from high RPMs I would be happy. Thanks.