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  1. Don't have them but will see if I can get a CD of the x rays. The rod goes up through the top part of the femur into the ball of the femur. Another plate is fitted on the side of the femur against the end of the rod and is secured with four screws. Everything was fitted up tight and fixated the fracture perfectly. A little comunuted space on the outside of the fracture has boned over as well. No sign of necrosis......hoping it never happens. I started self therapy on a stationary bike as soon as I got the okay. Same femur was fractured medially and did the traction thing for 90 days without opening back in '69. That old healed up part held up well! Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. On June 10th I was hit head on by a H/D while riding my motorcycle. I got my leg from between the bikes and on top of the seat before impact. The fairing on the other bike raked across the seat hitting my knee and causing a communuted fracture of the lower part of the femural neck. The ortho doc did a great job with a rod and plate appliance putting it back together. No weight bearing for two months because of the angle of the break. Follow up shows bone growth is very good and laying down over the bad places. Got the okay to walk without crutches and then the cane. Walking without anything now I'm walking pretty good but continue to work on my strength and flexibility.Wondered about what happens if this area takes another impact at some point in life? Already can ride but just wondering. I'm still young (58) and don't want to give up riding. Your thoughts? I know that I am very fortunate to have recovered so well with this injury.
  3. I'm with Jessie......ride it.
  4. The USFS is in the business of timber management and timber production for revenue. Every other use of USFS land is just tolerated at best. Don't plan on any help or any improvement in access over the next decade. Look back at all of the restrictions that have been put in place by the USFS over the last 10-15 years. Their long term policies and planning are already in place and being implemented. I can assure you that they don't include our interests. You might as well if you think we can make any impact on them. The lobbying by vested interest groups has their ear.......among other things. Happyday!
  5. A little advice. Make sure that the spring on the idle mixture screw is long enough( stretch it some) to keep pressure on the screw. Mine vibrated loose and fell out while on the road. The bike started running rough and I pulled over to check out the problem. The screw with the spring and washer had fallen on top of the case and wedged there.......whew.
  6. Remember that the enjoyment of a cup of coffee does not come from the cup that holds the coffee. Go enjoy every day and every ride Grasshopper. Worry not about what matters not.
  7.'s the carb vent hose filter/breather. I think a piece of oiled foam cut to fit and inserted into the opening will do the trick. If the foam works for Briggs and Stratton it will work fine for this application. I don't want Mr. Sandman to visit my DR!
  8. I've heard of some DR's sucking in enough dirt and grit through the carb intake hose to ruin the motor. The little plastic "breather/dust settler" on the hose seems to need some filter material. Has anyone ever used something like an oiled filter inside of the "breather"? I'm about to take a piece of small engine air filter foam and insert it into the "breather". Give me your thoughts on this....
  9. I need front and rear brake rotors for a '96 DR650. Used OEM discs would be fine or a source for a reasonable aftermarket set would help. I'm tired of swapping discs from my motard wheels to my knobbie woods wheels. Thanks and ridesafe!
  10. Amen to that.
  11. You might check the choke to be sure that is is working since you have disassembled the carb.
  12. Just use some spacers to make it fit and to put the hub in the correct position between the swing arm.
  13. There's some dirt off of 129 that get's used a lot for sliding:applause: . You ever hear of the Gap:p ? Good to see you on Rick...I'll miss you and the short bus. I'm the older (ahem) guy with the flamed red and white R1. You know...motocross bars and the fuzzy seat. Good luck on your new path in life.
  14. A big bowl of hot oatmeal with a spoonfull of natural peanut butter and a little honey or brown sugar. I'm having some right now:p .
  15. You are the man. Need some company next year?