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  1. ThumperDR400

    Need wheels for DRZ

    Well I have these platinum bars just sitting around taking up space Heck, I don't know; A new aftermarket wheel with hub and spokes seems to be in the 600 dollar range. I hear stories of new wheels in the 250 to 400 range and I'm no pro, so I may not be the best judge; I paid 219 for my unused, complete front wheel(no rotor, but I'll have to use my sm rotor anyay) with a never used Deathwing on it. I figure a rear is worth a little more, 250 to 300? in the same condition? These things are like twinkies until someone finds out someone else wants them
  2. ThumperDR400

    Need wheels for DRZ

    hit me wit dat PM if they gots da goodz Seriously, I'm looking for a reasonable deal on a rear wheel for the DRZ. I have an '05 sm and I found a front wheel, now I need a rear. Thanks Jeremy
  3. ThumperDR400

    drz stock pipe mod

    Sorry, had to jump in here; Audio is what I do... 3dB is only slightly different level to the human ear. 10dB is usually agreed on as twice (or half) as loud. Jeremy J
  4. So, I made a purchase. I bought a '05 DRZ-400SM and I really like it, BUT... I do want to get dirt wheels and tires for it. I'm not afraid of doing the work or spending the money (assuming it's not horendous), but I can't really find anywhere where it says whether S wheels would fit on the bike; where I can just buy S wheels with hubs, laced etc; what happens to the speedo; etc etc etc. Seems like there is a lot of traffic going from S to SM, but not so much from SM to S. I'm not in a terrible hurry, but it IS nearly the beginning of summer and I would like to do some dirt riding if possible. Any tips for a relative noob? Thanks for your patience. JJ PS What IS the travel on the SM suspension?