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  1. P-42

    Did you move from 450R to 250R?

    I hear you on this one. I ride a 450r and my wife has a 250r. Both bikes are the same year (2007’s). I rode her bike a few times and I love it. It is so smooth and easy to ride. Even at my size, 6’3 210lbs. The only problem is I frequent the Oregon sand dunes every summer. The 250r is a dog in the dunes with me on it. Well maybe a “dog” is too harsh because the 450r power is so addictive in the dunes. Even my wife loves the 450 power in the sand. If I primarily rode trails I would definitely switch to a 250r, but the dunes are where I call home.
  2. P-42

    Tattoo's (the pic WORKS this time too!) :D

    That’s funny. (I am not trying to insult anyone, be rude, or disrespecful with this post). People always say not to get a tat because it will look bad when you get older. I can’t remember the last time I saw an 80 year old woman’s lower back and thought, damn that’s one sexy looking back. What difference does ink make when your old? Old wrinkly skin looks like shit with or without ink. When I see the back of a woman’s arm sagging and swaying in the wind when she waves her arm around, its…. Well, not good to be polite. If I see the same woman with the same arm, only now it has a tattoo on it, it might look better. She could put like a bird or something on her arm and when she waves it could look like it was flying or something. Point is, unattractive (or older people with melting tattoo’s) people don’t look any better or worse from tattoo’s. If you took the tattoo off it wouldn’t look any better.
  3. P-42

    Wedding and engagement rings

    #1. About your age and time together. I personally have a 4 year rule. I spend 4 years with a girl before I determine if she is right for me. It sounds like a long time, but I noticed something changes in a relationship around year 4. Its either going to get better, or one of you will start to have second thoughts. I am going on year 5 with my current girlfriend and we are getting married on Nov 15th of this year. (not trying to insult you, but when I think back, I was border line retarded at 17 years old). #2. The ring that I bought was a single band with a single 1ct diamond on it. It came with a ring guard, which slides onto the other band making it look thicker with more side diamonds. She liked what I picked out, but she wanted to add 2 addition bands, front and rear. The whole thing is 4 bands and cost somewhere around $4,500. #3. Don’t buy it off e bay, girls don’t like that. If you get it from a jeweler, make sure it comes with a replacement plan. If my fiancé loses a diamond or damages the ring, they replace the diamond and do the repairs for free. As long as she has her 6 month check up. If you miss the check up, you lose the replacement plan. She has had the ring for about 10 months, and the main diamond has came loose twice, and she lost one of the smaller diamonds once (it’s getting repaired right now). So the plan has already been well worth it.
  4. P-42

    Throttle Lube

    While installing an aluminum throttle tube I noticed it said to keep it clean and lubed. So I never installed one before so I wondered what to lube it with. I tried lubing the inside if the throttle tube with a small amount of grease. Bad idea. That made the throttle turn back extremely slow. So I took it apart again, cleaned all the grease off and put it back together with nothing. It still feels like it doesn’t turn as easily as my stock plastic one did. Maybe it’s just the feel of the aluminum, I don’t know. Any ideas?
  5. P-42

    2008 crf 450's

    The economy has something to do with lower sales, however, if there is a overstock of 2008’s then you have overlooked the real reason. The 2009 Honda is rumored to have been completely overhauled. People are not going to buy the 08’s when the 09’s are so close to coming out and have more bells and whistles. This is the main reason they are so secretive about their new bikes. If they tell you what they got then you will wait for next year and no bike sales will be made for older models.
  6. P-42

    6 or 8 paddle

    We use 8's and they work well. I have never seen anyone using a 6 paddle at the dunes on anything other than 125 or smaller 2 strokes.
  7. P-42

    can't ride a two stroke!

    It’s different than four stroke power. Try blipping the throttle as you are about to hit the jump, one final blip as you hit the face of the jump and then let off the gas. At least I think that’s the beginners’ way of doing it. I am not an expert but that’s how I jumped my 2 strokes. I have a hard time on a four stroke now because I still try to do it the same way. Careful when blipping or you might not have enough power and send the nose down to fast after you leave the jump, especially on a 125, depending on your size and weight. Also the preload and race sag will affect how the bike leaves the jump if it is not set right. There are many factors that can affect a jump. Play around on small jumps until you get the feel of what you need to do.
  8. P-42

    Washington Girls

    Here is a link for some Washington female riders for you guys. I have rode with them for the past three summers at the Oregon dunes. They are good people. www.skirtsondirt.com
  9. P-42

    From CRF450R to RMZ250?

    Me and my wife have an 07 450 and 250. If I did'nt go to the sand dunes so much I would have traded in my 450 for a 250 long ago. I am 6'2 210 lbs and have a lot more fun on the 250. Especially on our backyard track, which is somewhat tight with short jumps. Whn I get the 450 paid off I am sticking a paddle tire on it, parking it for the dunes, and picking up a 250.
  10. P-42

    X ring chain question

    Thanks I don't really like these chains. I think I'll go back at the next switch.
  11. I have an X ring chain on my bike and it is the first time I have tried them. The chain is larger than the stock chain and has a crimp style master link. The other day someone told me something is lose on my bike and they could hear it when I ride. I let them take a few laps on my bike and I could hear, what sounded like the chain slapping around. On jump landings it makes a very loud metal slap sound. I checked the chain tension and it is correct. I can pull the top of the chain up and down with my hand and duplicate the sound it makes when I jump, at a much softer degree. Anyone else use these chains? Is this normal for them to make so much noise?
  12. P-42

    Warm up engine before oil change?

    Yes the manual states to let the bike run for approximately 3 minutes before an oil change.
  13. P-42

    "R" guys, need advice from an "X" guy

    Get a 9oz flywheel weight and thats the only mod you will need. My wife starts her bike on the first kick 90% of the time and she is 5'8.
  14. P-42

    Help a newb with suspension

    Yes you are too heavy for it. You cannot set your race sag properly if your too heavy for your springs, which you are. Call race tech (www.racetech.com) and tell them your weight. They will send you the correct springs for your bike. Then check out this video for setting your sag. Also read these tips to help you better understand it. http://www.mb1suspension.com/id8.html I have been riding with stock springs for years at 210lbs. When I got the correct spring rates I could not believe the difference. I have no idea how I was able to ride with those things without hurting myself.
  15. P-42

    08 kx250f vs. me 215lbs....

    I have some experience in this department. I have an 07 crf450R and my wife has an 07 crf250r. So I have a lot of oppurtunities to ride both. I also am 6'2 or 210- lbs. So I bought my 450 for one reason only and thats the dunes. However when I ride the 250 I really like that bike, and when I am ready for a new bike I think I am going to get a 250 and keep the 450 just for the dunes. The 250 has plenty of power for me and I think with a 9oz flywheel weight the power is smoother and a lot more controlable than the 450. The other thing I like better about the 250 is tossing it around like a bicycle. I have a lot more confidence on it and that makes for a more enjoyable ride. The only down side to my experience is the 250 is not setup for my weight. It is way to soft. I bet with the right springs and correct sag I would even like the bike more. Altho I have never riden anything other than Honda's I assume the power is close for all the 250's. I am stoked a friend of mine is picking up an 07 KXF250 so I can swing a leg over that and really get another view on things.