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    XRL's can't push 70mph for 2 hrs?

    Speaking of sore rear ends, anybody out there making a more tush friendly seat? I've seen tall seat kits but almost everything is for 650 Rs not Ls Lars
  2. Lars252


    While Electronic Fuel Injection has definite upsides, there are also problems people will need to deal with . Fuel injection needs an electronic fuel pump and various electronic sensors all of which can have problems. Most riders have a hard enough time adjusting valves on their 4 stroke let alone trying to find out if the reason for a poor run condition is a sensor that is out of range such as a coolant temp or mass air flow sensor. These systems are also voltage sensative which may require some sort of battery system. It will be very interesting to see what types of systems the manufacures will be using. As with most new technologies there will be trade offs. Lars ASE cert. master technician
  3. Lars252

    Where to dump old fuel???

    Most towns have a hazmat dump where you can drop it off for free. Also most auto repair shops and such have on site waste oil storage. Just add the gas to your used oil and they'll take it no questions asked. I run an auto repair shop and the odd gallon or two in a 500 gallon waste oil pick up won't be noticed. Plus it gets delt with properly. Lars '
  4. Lars252

    VP's U4 Facts

    All modern 4 stroke engines use hardened valve seats for use with unleaded pump fuel. I'm sure kawasaki is no different. u4 is an oxygenated fuel which has absolutely no effect on valve seat wear.The extra oxygen is for a cleaner , better burn. It's also higher octane than pump gas but that is for knock control in high compression engines. Think about it , why would Kawasaki design an engine that has different fuel reqirements than for other high performance 4 stroke racing engines . Lars Master auto mechanic with 30 years experience.