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  1. It's just misplaced paranoia, because people are very protective of numbers that identify us. All our lives, we're told not to give anyone our social security number, or our address, or our credit card numbers, birthday, etc... so it's just a natural extension of that mindset. It is however not necessary. The Driver's Privacy Protection Act prohibits the disclosure of personal information gathered by motor vehicle departments. So the most information a person with your plate number could possibly get is the make and model of your vehicle, they can not get any personal or identifying info on you.
  2. Well wherever you're from, you ride. That's cool in my book.
  3. Yes those standards will be fine. 32:1 and go rip!
  4. Modern oils are all pretty good, even cheap Walmart brand premix oil will protect your engine reasonably well. The semi-syn that you mentioned is probably fine, a semi-synthetic oil will be a Group III oil which is more than adequate. People used to run four-stroke oil in their two-strokes, and they survived. And I've known plenty of people that just buy generic oil at the gas station when they get gas. I wouldn't worry, just mix it at least 32:1. If you're really uneasy about it, mix it at 20:1 and go up a size on the main jet. To be honest, in a country like you describe I'd be more worried about detonation from poor fuel quality.
  5. You're surrounded by a (roll)cage.
  6. Loud pipes do NOT save lives. For every anecdotal "it worked for me" story in this thread there are a thousand incidents where riders with loud exhausts got plowed right over. Hoping a loud exhaust will save you is essentially putting your safety in someone else's hands, and that's lunacy. No one and nothing is going to keep you safe except your riding habits and awareness.
  7. That's a purely ignorant statement. Noise does not equal power.
  8. Why can't you just use a blind bearing puller?
  9. And the best of all is a 250T.
  10. 130 psi is totally worn out. I'm sorry to tell you, that engine certainly does not have a new top-end. Your pilot jet is too rich. Go to a 45 and run the air screw test again. That jetting guide explains this. Turning the air screw that far out does nothing, it's not effective past about 2.5 turns out. But it does tell you the pilot jet is much too rich, you want to end up between 1 and 2 turns out on the air screw. You don't need to replace the needle, it just needs to be in the correct clip position. Again, that jetting guide explains this to you. But if you have a new one, might as well stick it in lol. None of this matters until you replace the top-end, trying to jet it with a worn out engine is pointless.
  11. Add straight-pipe diesel trucks to that list.
  12. Just put the throttle assembly from the Honda on it. Voila, you now have a throttle limit screw.
  13. Harleys with straight pipes and sport bikes with full-race straight-through cans are ridiculously loud and obnoxious, and don't belong on the street. Yet these are the ones that are most often defended to me in person with the "LPSL" bullshit. There's nothing wrong with being able to hear your exhaust, I appreciate the sweet sound of a well tuned engine with a well tuned exhaust as much as anybody. But don't try to tell me shit like this is "for safety" when you know it isn't.
  14. It depends on the product. Most octane boosters that claim increases in "points" mean .1, not 1. And that number is almost always RON, not MON. Aromatic alcohols (toluene, xylene) do a good job of raising octane, but it takes a lot. A bottle isn't going to do much, you have to add in volumes like 10% of the total fuel to be effective, and the drawback to those high levels is it absolutely kills throttle response in transient situations. Granted in your case, steady state running with forced induction, this probably won't matter. However high levels like that WILL make you run lean. There are however a few octane boosters that do actually work. In my experience, NF Octane Booster Racing Formula, Nulon Pro, NOS Racing Formula, and VP C5 Additive will all give you a solid 1.5 to 2.5 boost in octane, depending on the quality of the gas you're putting it in. But none of these are particularly cheap and you typically don't find them in your local Autozone either.
  15. Sounds like some dirt got in the carb.