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  1. The Spanky

    Search in "Salty"

    Okie dokie.
  2. The Spanky

    Search in "Salty"

    Just letting you know, it still doesn't work...
  3. The Spanky

    Search in "Salty"

    Thank you for looking into it Brian.
  4. The Spanky

    Search in "Salty"

    I can not search and find anything that I've ever posted in that forum. For example, I have made many posts about libertarians. If I just do a forum wide search for that term, under my username, I get only two hits, neither of which is in that forum. If however I specifically select the Salty forum, I get zero results. I can find posts of mine in every forum except that one. I get "no results found" anytime I search for something I posted in that forum, or anytime I specifically select that forum to search for something I previously posted.
  5. The Spanky

    Search in "Salty"

    Why does Search not work for any old topics that are in the "Salty" forum?
  6. I told you I would definitely buy it.
  7. Is TurboDan Toyotatech? Ummm...no? Why? Toyotatech is deplorable. I wasn't talking about Dan, I was talking about that betacat dude.
  8. Why do you guys bother responding to that idiot? I have him on block for a reason. He's a dumbass that only argues because he likes to argue, not because he's ever right.
  9. The Spanky

    AMAZED at what I saw at the track

    Quadriplegic means arms and legs are paralyzed. He's a paraplegic.
  10. The Spanky


    I don't get any notifications from the new politics/religion forum. Is this by design, or are they just not working correctly yet?
  11. The Spanky

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Stanley bought the rights to the Craftsman name.
  12. The Spanky

    Am I riding my 2 stroke wrong

    Lugging is not particularly good for any small engine. On a four-stroke, you are putting high loads on the engine at low rpms when oil flow is low due to the oil pump running slow, causing possible lubrication failure. On a two-stroke, you are putting high loads on the engine when airflow through the engine is low, resulting in poor oil migration through the engine, potentially causing failure due to inadequate lubrication of the rod bearings or piston. Your two-stroke is a high performance engine designed for the demands of racing. Let it rip! You aren't going to harm it in the slightest by running the engine in the meat of the power, and it's nearly impossible to harm a mechanically sound two-stroke from revving it.
  13. The Spanky

    Water in my oil

    Change the oil. Run it until it is at full operating temperature for at least 15 minutes. Change the oil again. Are you sure that's how it got in? Water in the oil is often due to a bad water pump seal.
  14. The Spanky

    American dirt bikes?

    Those are street bikes. They're also $100k.