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  1. The Spanky

    Kickstands for motocross bikes

    They usually replace the footpeg mount with a bracket that has holes.
  2. The Spanky

    Kickstands for motocross bikes

    Well there is this, but I've read of a lot of riders having them break. https://www.motosport.com/product/?adpos=1o4&cc=us&creative=281195209407&device=m&gclid=CjwKCAjwt7PcBRBbEiwAfwfVGNeNs95UkUgz6H6djLH9ZgHkIKW20_r2jYqlgQ58roaKHNMZiDQFihoCKfYQAvD_BwE&key=Polisport-Tripod-Multifit-Triangle-Stand&matchtype=&mrkgadid=3301755452&mrkgcl=500&network=g&product_id=PLS000K-X003-Y001&psreferrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&pssource=true&rkg_id=0&segment=badger You generally get what you pay for.
  3. The Spanky

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    Yes, the cam buckle tie downs are excellent. I already had decent tie downs with soft straps for the bar ends, but the Ryno ones are much more rugged and heavier duty, with a more positive engagement from the cam lock. The digital gauge I got from them works well but now has dead batteries, I just haven't had a chance to get batteries for it. I do think it's a bit silly that the thing has 5 lithium batteries in it though, probably cost more for batteries than the gauge lol.
  4. The Spanky

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    I got this one from them. Checked it against two other known gauges, seems to be accurate, and is solidly built. I haven't used it enough to judge durability but don't see any issues so far.
  5. The Spanky

    Kickstands for motocross bikes

    No welding necessary. https://www.motosport.com/product?adpos=1o4&cc=us&creative=281128749077&device=m&gclid=CjwKCAjwt7PcBRBbEiwAfwfVGKGQ15POOvaZOUPIl3I-YQj1ZtEIQKUdayfYMaGHilqWY-OSBRG6pRoCOysQAvD_BwE&key=Pro-Moto-Billet-KickIt-Kick-Stand&matchtype=&mmy=yamaha%3Byz426f%3B2002&mmy_source=pdp&mrkgadid=3301756360&mrkgcl=500&network=g&product_id=PMB0003-X001-Y022&psreferrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&pssource=true&rkg_id=0&segment=badger
  6. The Spanky

    Rebuild before Sale

    I've always sold bikes with a new top-end still in the box. This way there's no question about whether or not it actually has a new top-end.
  7. The Spanky

    Boot sole adhesive

    I've never had good luck trying to re-glue loose soles, even ones I've taken to shoe repair places have come back loose. The only good remedy I've found is to have the boots re-soled by the manufacturer.
  8. Exactly. Had it been me, if the climb was as fun and challenging as he says, I wouldn't have hesitated to ride back down and go back up it a second time. Instead he chose to sit there with a vein pulsing in his forehead telling himself how good he is. He's the kind of dude my old riding group used to love to take take to school, to knock that ego down a few notches. Some of those guys were fast as shit and nice as could be, but would be merciless to arrogant dicks.
  9. So most of these guys are right, you are a dick.
  10. The Spanky

    Newbie Intro

    Welcome to Thumper Talk! You did fine, the General forum is for, well, general stuff, like intros. You'll find a wealth of info here, and some very knowledgeable people. Except for that William1 guy of course....
  11. The Spanky

    Possible Trap On Trail - Here's my story

    You don't think environazis actually care about the environment, do you? They just don't want anyone to be able to do anything that they don't personally like. It's not about saving the environment, it's about stopping you from enjoying that noisy stinky evil dirt bike.
  12. The Spanky

    Magura and dot5?

    Sorry, I thought you were talking about the OEM hydraulic clutches that come on them now. The Huskies have a tendency to blow the seal in the slave cylinder, and the fix is to install the seal from the KTM. No idea what you need for your setup.
  13. The Spanky

    Magura and dot5?

    All you have to do is replace the seal on the Husky unit with one for a KTM. Problem solved.