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  1. Wanted an enclosed trailer, so i could haul any, or all, the toys. BUT an UltimateMXhauler on the back of the RV is so much simplier. And i can drive right up, making camp at places i wouldnt be able to if i had worse ground clearance. Someday i'll replace the RV with a 4x4 van (for even better ground clearance), and will prolly still be using the UltimateMXhauler.
  2. flailer

    SM Racing Bulgarian Style

    agreed (bump)
  3. flailer

    Gearing for a KTM 525 EXC SM

    A 15 fits?
  4. flailer

    Am I Titanium now?

    Sweet!!! i like the wheels black. It werks with the frame. i dunno; Perhaps gun-metal gray / or perhaps Ti coloring, toward the pipe's color would look excellent? Have You PhotoShopped to test the blue look? Why not post the diff looks here, and share your thoughts?
  5. flailer

    Have a stock DRZ sm, What next?

    Consider using the 07 ktm 525exc as a benchmark - for comparsion sake. Perhaps you'll find it favorable in all, or most, regards. i was worried about amount of maintence when i first got mine. But for both my buddy and his 450exc, and me and my 525exc it has been a matter of changing the oil and checking the valve (not adjusting them)
  6. flailer

    Roadracing - CRF

    i dont wanna be a poopie-hed ~ but i think you may wanna look into tranny problems wiff the CRF when ran on pavement ~ If re-memory serves i saw Q&A letters on CRF tranny's locking up (was it second gear would lock to main, or something?) when bike is ran on non-dirt surfaces. If i read it right Honda is NOT allowing any warranty claims as they noted the bike was not designed to be Motard'ed. And they issued a repeat statement warning people about it, and update to keep tranny filled (or even slighly overfilled?) Do a search. And see too what DirtRider mag had to say on the topic. i could be full of it.
  7. flailer

    Show me your pics of you KTM 525 Supermoto!

    Why do you hate the lighting kit? Looks? Form? Or is it the functionality that you hate?
  8. flailer

    new to this

    Hmmmm. good questions. but am not sure what direction you are headed, or what kind of place you live and the weather you are going to ride in, and if you will skip to dirt for short sections while kitted street. Are you concerned about street legal issues? Naturally there is a concern here, where i live. But just a hour away we have (very) small towns where this kinda stuff is of no concern whatsoever. If just around town why not go the cheapest fastest route - which may mean used dirt wheels with dual-sport tires already mounted. Then you can hop off into dirt for a bit too. But most here would likely say you are going to find that Motard / SuperMoto is a freakn blast, and you'll wish you had done it the right way (i know i find myself thinking this.) i could be wrong, but you may wanna consider 17" wheels 4" wide, or greater. Larger front rotor, perhaps, and the best sticky tires. i looked into doing the latter directly (at the Honda dealer service counter for a CRF i was considering buying from dealer) and it is not a big deal - just bring money. Then again, used wheel sets and tires come up for sale perhaps here and at supermotojunkie dot com, ebay and other places.
  9. flailer

    KTM 625 SXC v. Husky TE610 v. XR650R

    i have an exc too - a 525. i got the 525 specifically because of the wide applications dirt, street, supermoto - that you covered in your write-up i note that the SXC sounds like the hot ticket for your needs. It would be an very nice step up from what you have. And i doubt you will want to step down. The extra ponies and overall features are a real pleaser, eh? i know, first hand, that maintainence on the exc is not a problem, whatsoever, for the type of riding you are doing. Would this be true for the sxc? If greater maint, would this bother you? Even if you werent coming from a KTM - i'd wonder if the xr would make you happy, due to off road applications. While very nice for street. But coming from an KTM i doubt you would be happy either road or dirt with anything less playful. i dont know - am i wrong? How do these issues apply to the TE?
  10. flailer

    purpose of a CATCH CAN

    Did you buy your bike from a local dealer? He should be helping you!!! This is what they are for. If you did, and they are not - never buy from them again......... Why should they get funds only on big ticket items? That's BS i'm using one that is pretty close to this one, but is better as it has 4 inlets and one outlet - but check KTM hardparts, as i know they are simply, cheap, and easy to install: http://www.ktmcycles.com/catalog/PowerParts/supermoto.htm pagedown to bottom and find "SUPERMOTO CATCH CAN - $63.99" or, aftermarket stuff: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Supermoto-Catch-Can-KTM-CRF-YZF-Honda-Husqvarna_W0QQitemZ190094869992QQcategoryZ34284QQcmdZViewItem Or, full race kits here: http://www.supermotoengineering.com/search.php
  11. flailer

    Where to ride superMoto in N. Cal?

    Do you mean N Cally, or What? Cally is a HUGE state. 35 odd miles over the Oregon Boarder, on I5, Medford, is a Killer SM track. Check out this local, SuperMoto specific sub-forum: http://www.pnwriders.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=80 Or their web page, which doesnt say a lot, but does have contact info: http://www.southernoregonsupermoto.com/
  12. flailer

    Supermoto track day at VIR!!!!

    Fernley track developed dirt sections - just for us SM !!! (east of Reno ~ 30 mins or so) i doubt that they have the population of riders that VIR has in their area. But who am i?
  13. flailer

    Ducati Motard.... yeah baby!!

    !!! So Freak'n SWEET !!! Looks like a far better fit to the street (read: hooligan plaything) than the Aprilia. Now if you're gonna jump the RR tracks, or the curb, or stairs, hit the dirt, or whatever other than paved ........ that would be a whole other story. i would *guess the maintainance cycles would be lower with the Ducati, if that is a factor for your consideration. i will not be considering either for quite a while, i am sorry to say
  14. My understanding: Leaning with the bike, into the corner, means that the bike doesnt need to be leaned as far - which means that greater tire traction can be maintained; thus great speeds, control, and more thottle (sports bikes prove this point, as someone else stated above) BUT,,, in the dirt and on the supermoto track other factors come into play. And thus we see the FASTEST SuperMoto racers keeping their center of gravity directly above the bike's center of gravity at all times (sometimes called "Virtual lean") To my feeble mind, one of the primary factors in motorcycling is FUN. and keeping an upright, center of gravity corner is way way phunner. Correct me if i am wrong here: But the fastest SuperMoto riders are the ones that back-it-in. And the fastest of these are the ones with the skill to step beyond virtual lean angles, and BACK IT IN using knee-down technique (on the appropriate corners.) But who am i? i am having a hard time backing it in using virtual lean angles -- and it is a big jump to back it in using knee-down. See ya on the track, doing my best to work it out.........
  15. flailer

    purpose of a CATCH CAN

    Before my ordered catch can came in,, i was using a V8 (veggie juice) can. It got a few laughs. (hey, this guy's bike has a V8 - yes really) And i liked it cause it was different than the red bull cans everybody wants to run (until they get kicked for a proper can) Errrr. i guess that wasnt really all that interesting of story :lol: