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  1. CaseTL

    Hot Start to bars? 06 TC250

    OK so I got the Dubach Racing kit on its way with a promise that if it does not fit I can send it back. On the confidence of the last two guys ( the guy from down under and the one from the north lands) pushing the JD kit I sent off for one of those also. If the jet kit does the trick great, if not I've got the hot start mod to look cool.
  2. CaseTL

    Hot Start to bars? 06 TC250

    Yes indeed, was just at the DR.D website. They have a Hot Start Lever System, a cable ( with attachment), perch and lever. It is listed for the WR's but I will call them tomorrow and see if it will work on the Husky. Casey
  3. CaseTL

    Hot Start to bars? 06 TC250

    Interesting idea. Although I would not like to lose my de-comp. My Idea is to run a Yamaha lever with some generic cable from the throttle side of the bars. My question is how do I connect to the carb? I would like to have a lever in/ hot start on, lever released hot start off set up. Maybe I am just pissing into wind.
  4. Has any one seen a kit to adapt the Keihin FCR carb on the 06 TC250 to a cable/lever set up? I am spoiled by the handle bar arrangement on my CRF and occasionally forget to push the red button back in on the TC. Thanks, I am new to this forum and apologize if this has already been covered