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    Helmet suggestions?

    First you have to decide what kind of Skull shape you have. The upper line helmets fit differently depending on your noggin's demensions. I have found Shoei to fit "round" faces and heads the best as well as Aria. However, with Aria if you have a bit of a large forehead you might get a pinch right at the brow which leads to a headache after long use. For years I have sworn by Shoei, saved my life on two major crashes. For street I use Shoei, but for dirt I have an Aria VX Pro and I love it. It's light well padded and has a removable liner for cleaning. The best advice I can give you is to try on the different models and decide what works best for you. Also, look for the Snell rating as well as the DOT. Just my $.02 worth, I am sure you will get many more replies from folks who swear by their particular brand or model. I have lived to my ripe old age of 39 because of some good helmets, I wish you the same. egmotocoach www.elkgrove-atvsafety.com 2006 WR450F (Mine) 2006 TTR125LE (Son's)
  2. egmotocoach

    Recovering from bad one...??

    BTW I read your disclaimer, just point me in the right direction and I will forward to my therapist. Thanks
  3. egmotocoach

    Recovering from bad one...??

    hey Doc, I was in a pretty bad head on collision with an SUV on my Police BMW 1150 in December. Injuries consisted of, but were not limited to, Concussion, chipped jaw, facial lac with muscle and nerves cut through on my chin (I dribble my food more now, left shoulder impact injury (no tear), bilateral hyper-extension to wrists, soft tissue injury to neck, upper back and lower back, bruised pelvis, hips, bi-lateral hyper-extension in both knees with a left femur fracture at the knee. link to story: ( www.news10.net/storyfull.asp?id=14697 ) I have recovered from the bone injuries and I am currently working on an incline bike and weight lifting in physical therapy at my hospital. What else can I do to help strengthen myself enough for some light trail riding? I teach the ASI ATV Safety school and assist with the MSF Dirt Bike school. Also, I am working with a distributer for the Edge wrist and knee braces by CTI. I hope to get them covered by my medical insurance (Kaiser) or worker's comp (Because I teach on the job). Are these good braces?? Any recommendations?? I am almost 39 years old and was in good health before the crash. I am anxious to get back to training and riding (transferred off work bike though). I shattered my ankle back IN '89 in a MC crash, so running is not an option. sorry for the long winded thread, but I wanted you to have as much info regarding my injuries as possible. Any suggestions would be good. I'll, of course, mention them to my therapist before initiated any suggested regiment. Thanks, egmotocoach www.elkgrove-atvsafety.com
  4. egmotocoach

    WR450 Jetting help

    My JD Jet kit should arrive this week as well as the #48 PJ, do I need the ajustable Fuel screw before I install the kit. Also, this is the first time I have tried any mechanical work like this on such a new bike. How difficult is a jet kit to install (Pictures?). I have a 2006 WR450FV. I have done the following already: Cut airbox TT AIS Removal Kit Billet Insert Grey Wire Throttle Stop at YZ specs Thanks for any info to make this easy, egmotocoach www.elkgrove-atvsafety.com
  5. egmotocoach

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Hey Folks just rode my new '06 WR450 yesterday for the first time. Kept stalling and was lugging and jerking terribly. I'm in CA, rode it at Prairie City. I had already received the TT AIS removal kit and the JMB Insert and installed them today and also cut the holes in the air box. Just those mods made a huge difference. I will be disconnecting the grey wire (now that I found it) as we ll as cutting the throttle stop to YZ spec. I ordered a JD Jet Kit from TT and a #48 PJ. Fuel screws are on back order everywhere. All of these mods would not have been possible if it were not for the TT forums. I really have not worked on bike since I was a teen. Things have changed a bit since then, fewer horse drawn carriages and such, I am looking forward to riding this weekend with the rest of the mods. I am not experienced with jetting or using a highperformance jet kit, so any help would be greatly appreciated. egmotocoach www.elkgrove-atvsafety.com WR450FV Mine TTR125LE Sons
  6. egmotocoach

    New WR450F ??

    No worries, eh? I like to turn a wrench and I am quite maticulous when it comes to fit and finishing an engine or it's parts. My AIS removal kit arrived today with the PMB Insert. I will ride the stock bike for the first time tomorrow, then I will do the mods. I am still on light duty at work from a head-on with an SUV on my Police Motor back in December. So, I have to take it easy for another month or two while I strengthen back up. All the bones have healed just strength training now. Thanks again for the info, hope we cross paths once or twice, I'll buy! egmotocoach www.elkgrove-atvsafety.com
  7. egmotocoach

    New WR450F ??

    Hey OneTwoGo, I just purchased the JD Jet Kit from TT. Anything else I need, while my wife isn't looking. I think I'm good to go!! I am giving my son his new TTR125LE on Saturday for his B-day. He has no idea I bought these bikes over three weeks ago!! Thanks again, egmotocoach WR450F TTR125LE DRZ400S (Police Bike) Polaris 50cc ATV (won it in a raffle) RT1150P (I get paid to ride this)
  8. egmotocoach

    New WR450F ??

    Thanks for the info, you cleared up my confusion regarding the GYT vs TT AIS removal. I had already purchased the TT mod and I am awaiting shipment. I also already purchased the insert for the pipe. I'll cut down the stop myself and I will order the Jet kit right now. That should keep me quite happy for a while, till my brother talks me into racing. Damn little brothers, always trying to kill the big brother See ya'll on the trails!!
  9. I have read for hours on the threads related to this bike. Dang you guys have a ton of good info, please accept my membership!! That said, I have ordered from TT the AIS removal kit and the Exhaust insert. Does the AIS kit come with jets or do I need to buy them separate?? I am in Elk Grove near Sacramento, I teach ATV Safety and Dirtbike School at Prairie City OHV. I will also be assisting with Intro to Trail Riding classes, so mostly technical riding, nothing speedy. Would like the low end power and good accelleration. Thanks, Shawn "Crash and Burn" D. www.elkgrove-atvsafety.com