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  1. kfx450r

    Bike wont run right

    Cant get my bike to idle for long..It idles for a few seconds then CLANK dies..starts back up..idles fine..CLANK dies..decomp at 60 psi but battery dies really fast when cranking and it then reads like 50 psi..battery has 14.7 volts when charging..cant figure out whats wrong, valves shimmed correctly, timing on, fresh gas.
  2. kfx450r

    450r starting problems

    Same, no shavings. I tested the PSI and it was exactly how everyone said it should be. Timings on, clearances in check. Wont fire.
  3. kfx450r

    450r starting problems

    Mine did the same thing, it was hard to start, so i adjusted the decompressor arm and it started up perfectly, shut it off, restarted it perfectly Put on all the plastics now it wont start, cant push start it either!!!
  4. Well..I'm bout 5'11 200..very un experienced and was looking into a RM85L...Right now I have a TTR-230 and it is the same size except longer in length than the RM85L and it has less power..and the TTR230 is fine for me except it is really heavy..was wondering if anyone had any advice..and no I dont want to get a 125 because there a little too big for my experience level and wallet.
  5. kfx450r

    Any quad vids out their??

    Thats not a 250ex..its a 250X big difference
  6. kfx450r

    post pics of your quad

    First of all..holy crap nice bike Second..I dont see a point in arguing..Speaking for myself I feel everyone has there own opinion and theres to keep..so I think everyone should just join in on the convo as a mature adult even if its not something that you like...why start commotion and make a complete jackass out of yourself? I havea bike and soon to get a quad I love them both WOO!
  7. kfx450r

    250EX pics or videos???

    You clearly have NO idea about a 250ex..first of all its only around 350lbs not 450..second it has 229CCs ...and 2nd You guys should really stop beefing on quads ..I could sit here and say i hate dirtbikes and the people who ride them but i keep it to myself..and i have a dirtbike so dont start the crap about oh you dont even have a dirtbike blah blah
  8. kfx450r


    It tops out at more than 40..every dealer I went to said around 56
  9. kfx450r

    How to Hotwire a Sportrax 250

    This site is about 4 strokes..250ex is a four stroke and this is in the Honda QUADS section.
  10. kfx450r

    TRX250EX Should I?

    Not too easy to find now days ^^ wish there were more girls like you lol