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  1. ev812

    06 wr250f powerband question

    Thanks for the advice. I talked to the tech at the yamaha dealer today and asked him the same question. Without hesitation he said do the 290 kit. If you want to "feel it in your pants" it's the way to go. I've done the free mods however he told me powerbomb/megabomb and other mods were minimal improvements. Yhe 290 mod is the most dramatic, bore-out=higher compression =more low/mid torque.
  2. any suggestions for improving low and mid range power on the wr (exhaust mods, etc.). The power band seems to be at high rpm. I primarily ride tight technical/woods. Thanks.
  3. Does anybody have any suggestions for an upper clamp that is made to accomodate the stock computer? Not taking the previous question into account, i'm looking for suggestions for a triple clamp that would improve the wr250f handling.
  4. ev812

    Boyesen Quickshot

    Does anyone know how effective the boyesen quickshot is at alleviating bog? I read the april issue of dirt rider and in their test they put this mod on almost all the bikes and it seemed to improve if not eliminate bog completely.
  5. My understanding is the wr250 requires some free mods in order for it to perform to it's highest potential. Can someone give me some direction for finding out exactly how to perform these mods,i.e. throttle stop, grey wire removal of snorkel(?), etc.(are there any others?). Also if there are recommendations for aftermarket exhaust or should I modify and stay with the stock exhaust?
  6. ev812

    wr250f vs crf250x

    I'm trying to decide between the wr and crf. I owned an '03 yz250f and never had any problems. It seems the valves on a crf are a constant maintenance issue. The crf is lighter up top and seems more nimble however I don't want to buy a maintenance headache. The wr feels heavier but yamaha doesn't seem to have the constant maintenance issues. Opinions welcome on either bike.
  7. can anybody share any info/links for: 1. airbox lid cutout 2. removal/open the exhaust insert 3. removing/cutting the "pink" wire? (mentioned by a Honda dealer, I think it is electrical?) I owned a yz250f and was very diligent in performing regular maintenance,i.e. oil change, air filter etc. but I never had a second thought about the valves and also never had any problem out of them. The crf250x seems maintenance intensive when it comes to the valves. Would the crf250x owner's out there agree?